Institutionalizing the Criminalization of the Innocent

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork, being shared by an acquaintance from here, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Forced to carry clear backpacks and wear student IDs
BACKFIRE: Broward County Implements ‘Solution’ for School Violence and Students Are Not Happy
Christopher Long: That moment when you campaign for weeks for the govenment to infringe upon other people’s rights to make you feel safe – and they infringe upon your rights instead.”

My Commentary: Criminalizing the innocent remains the State’s number one go-to “solution” for all of life’s complex problems. The Accuser is working overtime!

Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans “Safe” and “Secure”

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of political activist, Paul Joseph Watson

2011-09-29 - Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans 'Safe' and 'Secure'

Paul Joseph WatsonPentagon Developing Spy Drones to Spot “Adversarial Intent”

Samil C.: Paul all this is totalitarism and authoritarism!

Samil C.: Poor generation of us!

Jerry H.: My god does it ever end?

Rayn: This is PRE-CRIME! Yet, we are all born INNOCENT!

Carole M.: false beard and moustache people..the only way to go..a la monty python life of brian..specs and buck teeth optional..