Ecological and Economic Terrorism, Packaged as ‘Saving the Planet’

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Geoengineers Inch Closer to Sun-Dimming Balloon Test:

(Paul Voosen) For years, the controversial idea of solar geoengineering—lofting long-lived reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to block sunlight and diminish global warming—has been theoretical. It’s starting to get real: Today, after much technical and regulatory wrangling, Harvard University scientists are proposing a June 2021 test flight of a research balloon designed to drop small amounts of chalky dust and observe its effects.

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My Commentary: Ecological and economic terrorism, packaged as “saving the world.” Humanity’s access to water, air and sunlight are being stolen by arrogant, megalomaniacal, authoritarian control freaks

Solar Grill Hits the Market!

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Katherine C.: GoSun Stove:

Rayn: My husband and I have been planning to buy this for many months, now. 🙂