Kidnapped by State Agents for Victimless “Crime,” Then Summarily Executed

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Police the Police,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Police say that 22-year-old Victor White killed himself, while handcuffed, by shooting himself in the back, while seated in a patrol car. There is one huge problem. He was cuffed behind his back and the entry would was in his chest.”

My Commentary: Kidnapped for victimless “crime,” then summarily executed by agents of the Almighty State.

Government: Lethally Enforcing “Public” Funding of Common Thieves, “Legally” Empowered to Rob Us “For Our Own Safety”

I originally posted the following information and commentary upon my Facebook wall…

Police Chief, Mike De Nardo

Police Chief, Mike De Nardo

Mississippi Police Chief Kills Self Amid Federal Asset Forfeiture Investigation:

() Mike De Nardo, the police chief for Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, apparently turned his gun on himself and committed suicide Thursday, not long after being relieved of his duties over an outside investigation.

According to the Sun Herald, De Nardo was being escorted from the police station by a pair of Hancock County deputies. Witnesses said a commotion broke out in the parking lot, and De Nardo shot himself. He was apparently alive and even conscious while heading to a hospital, where he died.

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My Commentary: But, without government, how would we lethally enforce the “public” funding of common thieves, “legally” empowered to rob us blind “for our own safety”?

American Cops Now Steal More Property than All US Burglars Combined:

Ironically, While Mother of Bullied Suicide Victim Blames School for Not Listening to Her Son, She Failed at the Same Task

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Daniel Sv…

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Sv.: Boy Who Killed Himself After Being Bullied Says He “Gave Up” in Note:

Rayn: Mother states, “my son shouldn’t have to die to be heard. There’s something wrong with the adults in authority positions when kids can’t go to them for help.” Ironically, she wasn’t listening, either, when he was begging and begging to be transferred out of that school…

Discussing the State Solution to Threats of Suicide

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Unsurprisingly, the State Solution to Suicide is… Homocide!“…

Fort Bend, Texas Officer murders suicidal and schizophrenic Michael Blair, after forcing entry into his bathroom and tazing him, repeatedly

Fort Bend, Texas Officer murders suicidal and schizophrenic Michael Blair, after forcing entry into his bathroom and tazing him, repeatedly

RaynVIDEO: Family Releases Video of Man Being Killed by Fort Bend Officer (Graphic):

No joke…

How did the State prevent the suicide? HOMOCIDE, of course!

To the untrained eye, the video in this article may APPEAR to show a cowardly, costumed clown engaging a single-minded response effort that is hinged almost exclusively upon the use of coercion and brutality as a means rapidly ending crisis solely in the interest of self-preservation, enabling him to justify his decision to quickly escalate a situation involving an innocent man in medical distress, and in danger of self-harm, into a cause for repeated, violent assaults, then execution-style murder, in less than ten minutes time, flat…

However, those who are actually enlightened enough to understand the complex and intricate workings of the State FAITHFULLY embrace both its necessity and it’s absolute functionality, allowing them to clearly see the video recording as the story of an honorable public servant, courageously risking his own safety in a heroic attempt to peacefully de-escalate a very highly dangerous situation by any means necessary – and, using lethal force only as a last resort, upon tirelessly exhausting all other options, first!

Morgan S.: how many shots does it take. Christ not accountable for more then two shots fired? the first shot was a fatal sound. just has me scratching my head about how many is to many.

Rayn: How many untrained goons with guns does it take to escalate a suicide crisis into a violent-to-lethal confrontation, through forcible injection into harm’s way, then termination of the very life they were there to “save”?

Why were these lizards pushing for entry into that bathroom, rather than following crisis intervention protocols, which would dictate that mediation, negotiation and arbitration be considered as the first-hand options?

I saw no compassion – only threats of force…

Seems to me like they unjustifiably force-framed the man as a danger to others, rather than just himself (through profiling? Ableism, perhaps?), which gave them an imagined justification to take the sort of coercive, brutal and over-zealous-for-immediate-absolute-compliance course of action that would easily cause even a defensive reaction in any rational Individual – let alone a schizophrenic man locked behind his bathroom door, and threatening suicide with a knife! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

Cops Dutifully Beat Father of Suicide Victim for Standing Over His Son’s Body While Paramedics Began Resuscitation Efforts

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family, after they posted artwork being shared by the page, “Cop Block


“Comes home to son, who had committed suicide. Gets beat up by 4 police officers & then arrested”

Stephen K.: Why?

Sha A.: Ftp

Rayn: Stephen, according to Cain Dixon, as paramedics began tending to his still-unresponsive stepson, an officer came up behind him, grabbed his arm, and demanded, “you need to sit down.” Dixon jerked his arm away, and responded, “don’t touch me.” The officer then tackled him, and began assaulting him. This quickly escalated into two officers restraining him, while they beat him about the face and head. After the police concluded their brutal assault upon him, Dixon was then arrested, and charged with “federal obstruction.”

Brian M.: Information technology has made police obsolete. Like unemployed swordsmen in Japan, after guns were introduced, police troll around for things to do. Defund these parasites.

Daniel Sv.: Better a local militia that someone knows to protect rather than policemen getting thrills from a power trip.