Discussing Early-Morning Live Interview with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Hopeful That Wikileaks Will End Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, and More!“…

2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate, HIllary Clinton, and Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange

2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange

Rayn: Sweet!!! Can they end Trump’s, while they’re at it?

Wikileaks Could End Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Tomorrow, Sources Say:

Nelson E.: this was supposed to happen at 3 in the morning last night

Rayn: I watched it live, early this morning. It was completely uneventful, with no new information divulged. It appeared to be more of a 10-year anniversary celebration of Wikileaks, with a plug for a book, as well. Strangely, Assange scoffed at the notion that he would release anything pertinent at such an hour, and he also disavowed the idea that he would be going after Killary with any new info. However, he did indicat that some important information would be released near end of the year. It was a relative waste of time, and many even accused him of “trolling” the alternative news networks, both during and after his live stream, Others claimed he officially sold out, and still others speculated that he was threatened into a bizarre form of silence. It’s a shame that it all went down like that.

Greg C.: Rayn…are you getting frisky? YOUR INDICTED! , FOR BEIN A TURNCOAT, A BLOODY GRASSER… (Hardcore Henry)

Strange Religious Pareidolia

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Siobhán L., after she shared a captioned photo from here

Siobhán L.: LOL, Jesus is full of shit!

This family thinks their dog’s butt looks like Jesus. I mean, he’s even wearing a robe.

Rayn: Wormhole! 🙂

Siobhán L.: LOL

Jonas A.: haha…nice!

A Very Strange Request

The following correspondence originally took place through email…

2011-09-14 - A Very Strange Request

From: Rayn <rayn@letitrayn.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 10:39 PM
To: rayn@acidrayn.com;
Subject: Trademark


Rayn, Female Producer here. I want to first say I respect what you’re doin’
in this music business. Keep doin’ your thing! However with that said, you
are using a trademarked name owned by me. I wanted to drop a message to
ask you to refrain from using the name “Rayn”. I know it can be a touchy
subject when you’ve become attached to a name but I’m contacting everyone
who is using my name before sending legal cease and desist orders. Feel
free to contact me through email at LetItRayn@gmail.com or here. Thanks


———————————My Reply———————————

From: Rayn <Rayn@acidrayn.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 12:39 AM
To: rayn@letitrayn.com; LetItRayn@gmail.com;
Subject: Fw: Trademark

Hi, Latoya. Rayn Kleipe, here. Sorry for the delay! It’s been a busy week.
I’ll start by thanking you for your respect. I will definitely keep doin’ my
thing – though music isn’t business for me: it’s personal! With that said, I
will not be able to comply with your request that I refrain from using my
birth name. Simply put, I have owned it for 31 years – long before you
registered it as a trademark – and, I have no intention of stopping now. I
truly hope you can appreciate my position, and drop this non-issue. Good