Under Trump, Bush and Obama’s Wars of Aggression Continue to be Peddled as ‘Peace’

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Trump Puts Regime Change War in Syria Back on the Table:

() Will the war in Syria never end? Will the international proxy war and stand-off between Russia, the United States, Iran, and Israel simply continue to drift on, fueling Syria’s fires for yet more years to come?  It appears so according to an exclusive Washington Post report which says that President Trump has expressed a desire for complete 180 policy shift on Syria.

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My Commentary: War is Peace.

A Friendly Reminder That Freedom IS NOT Slavery!

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Voluntaryist Lounge and Cantina,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“We need a way to control people! People are evil!”
“What if we all learned better how to properly control ourselves?”

My Commentary: But… muh “original sin/presumed guilt/pre-crime/chaos” myth about the inherent “evil/cruelty/disorder” of humanity!

Want to emancipate yourself from the intrigues of pathocracy? Start by rejecting the false authority of the pompous parasites who claim themselves our “leaders,” and exercise your power to deny or withdraw consent. Then, refuse to support the institutions that assign humanity with labels fit for criminals, as they merely enable the 1% corrupt, polluted souls among us to collectively oppress and punish us all for crimes we haven’t even committed, in an effort to catch a boogie man that lives no further than the nearest MIRROR! Besides, biology, itself, does NOT support the “freedom is slavery” doublethink mentality of such control-freaks, no matter how many clever excuses they come up with in order to justify their lust to harm and enslave others:

Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts (Aug. 2009):

Humans Evolved To Be Peaceful, Cooperative And Social Animals, Not Predators (Feb. 2006):

The Compassionate Species (July 2012):

Young Children Are Intrinsically Motivated to See Others Helped (August 2011): 

We’re In This Together: A Pathbreaking Investigation into the Evolution of Cooperative Behavior (Nov. 2012):

Humans Naturally Cooperative, Altruistic, Social (Sept. 2011):

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution (Jan. 2011):

Instinctively, People Are Generous (Sept. 2012):

(archived copy of above link located here: http://web.archive.org/web/20121004113714/http://news.discovery.com/human/human-instinct-generous-120919.html)

Emory Brain Imaging Studies Reveal Biological Basis For Human Cooperation (July 2002):
(Brain intrinsically rewards reciprocal altruism over self-interest)
(*all it takes is free-will initiation of altruism by only one party in most cases!)

Thinking About Giving, Not Receiving, Motivates People to Help Others (Aug. 2012):

Without the Violent Backing of State, Permit Patty Has No Power

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “New Jersey Libertarian Party,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Murphy takes aim at N.J. firearm fees:
Handgun purchase permit: current fee $2, proposed fee $50
Firearms ID card: current fee $2, proposed fee $100
Handgun carry permit: current fee $50, proposed fee $400
Retail gun dealer license: current fee $50, proposed fee $500″

My Commentary: Without the violent backing of the State, Permit Patty is just another cowardly, impotent control freak…

The Basic Components of the Average Statist Personality

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “The Pholosopher,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“He moniters my money and takes out a part of my check since we live together. He spends much of it on himself but, sometimes, he buys me things, too. He’s just trying to take care of me.
He has lots of rules for me, even when I’m at home. He expects me to act a certain way or he will get physical with me even locking me in a room away from my friends and family while taking more of my money. He says he knows what’s best though and I feel like I don’t have much of a choice.
I know, it’s a lot to just take, but it’s for my protection! If I am assaulted by someone else he will get revenge and justice, hopefully. I mean, I’m not sure about much of what he does when he goes out, yeah, but at least he uses a little bit of what he takes for important things, I think! As long as I pay what he says I should and don’t cause too much trouble, I won’t end up poor and homeless.
I am concerned that he harasses kids and is often racist and violent. Sometimes, he really seems to hate homeless and poor people too, stealing blankets from them, threatening others if they feed the homeless without a permit… but he’s just trying to look out for everyone.
Come to think of it, I think he may be spying on me… reading my messages, tracking where I go and what sites I visit… but it’s for my safety, I guess.
He often shames me and threatens me when I speak up about my rights as a human being. In fact, sometimes he will ask his friends what should be done, then override what I want based on what his friends want instead. It’s just because they know what is best too, I guess.
All this pressure has made me feel anxiety. I am thinking about using cannabis for relief, but he is afraid it’s a ‘gateway drug,’ so he says I should take prescription drugs instead. I’ll get in HUGE trouble if he catches me with it, even if I’m not smoking it. I swear, it’s because he loves me! He doesn’t want me to be unhealthy!
Well, he used to be worse. He didn’t think women or minorities should have any say years ago! He’s changing. Slowly, but changing, in some ways. Besides, he’s not as bas as some others we know. I should be GRATEFUL!
“Dear reader, are you worried about this situation? Now, replace ‘he’ with ‘the State.’ And you will fully understand the evil that is government.” – The Pholosopher

My Commentary: The average Statist personality is made up of three parts Battered Serf Syndrome, two parts Stockholm Syndrome, one part worker bee, and one part jellyfish…

Doublethinking About Police Brutality and Self-Defense

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Americans Against the Republican and Democratic Parties,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Friday in Sacramento, CA:
End police brutality! Justice for Stephon!
Saturday in Sacramento, CA:
Disarm people! Trust the police to protect you!”

My Commentary: *double facepalm*   *head shake*