Soulless State Creates Poverty and Artificially Inflates Homelessness as a Matter of Policy

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Owners Assisting Homeless Face $1000 Fines – Occupied RV’s Not Allowed on Private Property:

(Andre’ Gabriel EsparzaProperty owners in rural Oregon who are providing a refuge for families and or friends that were displaced by the region’s housing crisis have been told to stop, cease, and desist.

Renee Glass, a kind woman in the rural area of the county has been voluntarily helping her fellow friends and family in need by opening up her private property to them. They parked their camper along-side her barn and hooked up a temporary water hose, sewer, and an extension cord. Now the tactless county code enforcement division are proving once again that private property is not owned by the individuals. Paying eternal rent on their land is not enough for these controllers, they now say that she is in violation of an unjust county ordinance.

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My Commentary: Please read this article, and perhaps you’ll finally understand how the soulless State creates poverty and artificially inflates homelessness, as a matter of policy. And, the more individuals that are forced into State-run services, the more tax dollars can be poured into said services, the more the agents of the State can be hired to “assist,” and finally, the more the State administrators can rob from the allocated funds.

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