Spirit of Life

2011-04-09 - Spirit of Life (1)*Note that each pillar has four sides, or “cornerstones.”

Here are two ancient symbols for the House of Wisdom:

2011-04-09 - Spirit of Life (2) 2011-04-09 - Spirit of Life (3)

The above table helpfully illustrates the “invisible instruction” of יהוה, as contained within the symbolism of the TaNaKh and the ReNewed Covenant Scripture, including the the House of Wisdom, the Rainbow, the Ark of the Covenant, the Two Hewn Tablets, the Menorah, and the Seven-Fold Spiritual Constitution of the [HE IS] that [I AM] (AKA “the Seven-Light Lamp of Self-Sovereignty”). It also successfully deciphers one half of the core message within the Community Rule Parchment of the Ancient Essenes, located among the Dead Sea Scrolls. For more information, read my article, “Doctrine of Two Spirits.”