Tax-Payers Forced to Fund More Warrantless Searches, Because… Pre-Crime!

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Forget “Stop and Frisk” — Cops Across US Collecting DNA of Innocent People in “Stop and Swabs”:

(Claire Bernish) Without laws to guide them, police around the country have begun collecting people’s DNA — even when no crime has been committed — using private labs which then store the genetic material for unknown periods to make identification simple in the event a crime is committed in the future.

Known generally as “stop and spit,” the practice of requesting the DNA of adults and juveniles during routine traffic stops and even basic interactions with police, ProPublica reports, is not only wholly unregulated and unlegislated, it is alarmingly common.

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My Commentary: More immoral warrantless searches that we’re forced to fund, because pre-crime…

But, Without Government, Who Would Legally Rape Individuals Under Color of Law?

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PA Cops Have Woman’s Rectum, Vagina Searched After Traffic Stop:

(n a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court that is still working its way through the legal system, a Pennsylvania woman claims that New Castle police officers violated her civil and constitutional rights during a traffic stop back in Nov. 2013.

Kimberlee Carbone says she was pulled over under the pretext of not “apply[ing] her turn signal at least 100 feet before the intersection” as per Pennsylvania law, before she was forced to endure five hours of humiliation. Officer David Maiella had made the stop after seeing a man “briefly enter an apartment” and then get into Carbone’s car that he suspected of buying drugs, according to the lawsuit.

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My Commentary: But, without government, who would legally rape individuals under color of law?

Random Checkpoints Are Always Implemented Under the Guise of “Safety”

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"Random checkpoints are for your safety"

“Random checkpoints
are for your safety”

My Commentary: Aren’t they ALWAYS?