“Pro” and “Anti” Extremists Dominate Almost All Debates About the Use of Vaccinations

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after a mutual acquaintance inexplicably posted an article that I was in the very process of debating on the wall of an ex-acquaintance, in what seemed like a concerted effort to distract me from continuing to reply, there…

Stephen K.: Thanks, Brian!

The Anti-Vaccine Movement: A Terrible Track Record

Brian K.: I posted this on my own feed a few days ago and we’ve been having an interesting “debate”

(provides link to debate taking place on his wall)

(update: debate is now concluded, and a copy is located at: http://acidrayn.com/2013/05/11/force-frame-vaccination-discussion-into-false-dichotomy-of-pro-versus-anti-or-present-unique-third-option/)

Rayn: And, due to that same “debate,” I am beginning to believe that so much of the “controversy” regarding vaccines really comes from “gut-reaction” responses to the subject, along with the push to frame all debates on the topic into the false paradigm of “pro-vaccination” versus “anti-vaccination” – an activity that has taken CENTER STAGE, over the facts! Strangely, there appears to be no room in the minds of these two extremist groups for individuals to be somewhat pro-vaccination, while also somewhat anti-vaccination, and, they are FAR from interested in understanding the reasons behind viewpoints that don’t correspond 100% with their own. It’s ALL OR NOTHING in their minds. Both of these “sides” could use a lesson in respect, as well as THE RULES OF LOGICAL DEBATE!

Alison K.: I seem to picking up on the tail end of this. But to address Rayn – I am one of the people you speak of, who is both ‘pro’ and ‘anti’. My son is up to date on all vaccines except two – I am against them for different reasons and it has nothing to do with the autism/allergy debate. For certain things I feel it should be the parent’s choice. And if it means my son cannot attend traditional public school – then so be it. I’ve remained unimpressed with traditional schooling for a long time anyway.



Eugenics: the Pseudo-Science that Never Dies

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook wall of Autistic Self Advocacy Network President, Ari Ne’eman

(replies from all third parties have been omitted for clarity) 

2012-05-04 - Eugenics - the Pseudo-Science that Never Dies

Ari Ne’eman: Very frightening.

Should Addicts Be Sterilized?

Rayn: Frightening, indeed, Ari, and absolutely in violation of our basic human rights! Best believe that the MOMENT we re-legalize this sort of medical tyranny in America, we can more than expect the most egregious abuses imaginable to once again resume! One can wrap the “logic” of eugenics up in as much “science” as one likes, or feign the desire to “protect children,” but the end result is the unnecessary destruction of life, so in reality, it provably represents neither! Ideas like this are not “progressive” nor “caring,” but a dangerous mixture of arrogance, apathy, oppression and injustice! Disgusting!

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Monsanto Continues to Poison the Planet, Unabated!

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

2012-04-26 - Monsanto Continues to Poison the Planet, Unabated!

Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm After Being Implicated in Bee Colony Collapse:

(NaturalNews) Amid all the controversy over genetically-modified (GM) crops and their pesticides and herbicides decimating bee populations all around the world, biotechnology behemoth Monsanto has decided to buy out one of the major international firms devoted to studying and protecting bees. According to a company announcement, Beeologics handed over the reins to Monsanto back on September 28, 2011, which means the gene-manipulating giant will now be able to control the flow of information and products coming from Beeologics for colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Since 2007, Beeologics has been studying CCD, as well as Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV), for the purpose of coming up with intervention-based ways to mitigate these conditions. And based on the way the company describes both CCD and IAPV on its website, Beeologics has largely taken the approach that intervention, rather than prevention, is the key to solving the global bee crisis.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: Monsanto, the top ten chemical company that brought us Agent Orange, the Bovine Growth Hormone, Aspertame, PCBs, Roundup herbicide, Ritalin, “Terminator seeds,” and the majority of GMOs, WILL CONTINUE TO POISON THE EARTH, UNABATED! If you don’t like it, you’re OBVIOUSLY against SCIENCE and PROGRESS, and should have your head examined by a doctor.

Comparing Similarities Between Science and Religion

I wrote the following piece in December of 1998 for LRN 131 class…
(in the interest of consistency, I’ve made a few edits before posting)

“One of the greatest tragedies of our time is this impression that has been created that science and religion have to be at war.” – Francis Collins

“One of the greatest tragedies of our time is this impression that has been created that science and religion have to be at war.” – Francis Collins

    For many decades now, there has been an ongoing debate about the differences between science and religion, and the issues that set them apart from one another. While many renowned scientists, philosophers and scholars have extensively contrasted the two schools of thought time and time again, there has been little discussion comparing the similarities they share. Yet, upon juxtaposing science and religion, there appear to be quite a few core beliefs held by both ideologies.

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Discussing the Various Problems with “Clinical Drug Trials”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, and fellow Autistic self-advocate, Jason Ross…

JasonWhy FDA Drugs Kill People – Mind Control Report:

Rayn: Here’s something else wrong with clinical trials:

Placebo Fraud Rocks Very Foundation of Modern Medical Science; Thousands of Clinical Trials Invalidated: