Purge the Disease Called Authoritarianism, or it Will Continue to Rot the Very Roots of Our Societies

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Maryland Police Ban Tourists from Taking Roadside Pictures With Sunflowers:

(John Vibes) Each year, towards the end of summer, sunflowers pop up in fields across Harford County and they become somewhat of an attraction for people who want to take pictures or pick a few flowers to take with them.

However, this year, local police have ruined the fun and issued a statement telling motorists that they are no longer allowed to pull over to appreciate the sunflowers.

There has not been a major incident or accident to prompt this ban, just some complaints of minor traffic slowdowns on a country road. The field is located on a country road and near a red light, so while cars would have to stop to allow pedestrians to cross the road, the traffic on the street is so calm that it does not cause any major congestion.

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My Commentary: Authoritarianism is a disease. We must purge this corruption, or it will continue to rot the very roots of our societies.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

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Get Involved, You Live Here:

“Stop watching!”

RaynUnplug the Signal!

Bob K.: television is crapping on my brain right now .

Lisa N.: Hahaha. True true true.

Jose A.: Vidiots become shit for brains! Or is it the shit for brains that become Vidiots?

Kaley W.: Ryan G.

Casey T.: HA!

Dean M.: True !

Peter L.: The TV itself is just a piece of technology that enables us to easily see moving images made by others. Its the one-way communicating channels that many people use the TV for that is the problem 😉