Feedback on My Live Recording of My Song, “Prison Planet”

I originally posted the following video and statement here, onto my Facebook music page, “Rayn“…

Rayn: Earlier today, I made a live recording of the first and third verse of a song I began writing back in 2008, entitled, “Prison Planet.” Perhaps, posting this here will motivate me to complete the second verse I started, but haven’t yet finished! 🙂 Ha ha! At the very least, it will give y’all a little something to satiate your desire for Conscious hip hop, in the meantime!

Prison Planet Live:

Sara: Great message and AMAZING delivery! I can’t wait to here the completed work! Love you, sis!

Rayn: Thank you, Sara! You’re awesome! I love you! ❤

Tru Leo: Let it Rayn!!! Dope!!! Finish it damn it lol

Rayn: No doubt, Tru Leo! I shall! 🙂

Bruce M.: Good job 🙂

Rayn: Thanks, Bruce! 🙂

Donna: Love You Sweetie!

Rayn: Thanx for watching, Mom! 🙂 I love you! ❤

Remembering the Inspirational Hip-Hop Legacy of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of fellow emcee, Tru Leo, after he shared a captioned photo from here

Tru Leo:

Hold Up! Lil' Mama Will Never Match Up To Left Eye's Legacy!

Hold Up! Lil’ Mama Will Never Match Up To Left Eye’s Legacy!

Rayn: Word! Lil’ Mama couldn’t hold a candle to her! Left-Eye will always remain my original inspiration to rhyme – even before Lauryn Hill, who actually contributed to it, later, by virtue of her skills on the Fugees album, “The Score.” And, it was Left-Eye’s verse on “Waterfalls,” alone, that actually did it for me! 🙂 I played that portion of the song so very many times that my damn “CrazySexyCool” album stopped working properly SOLELY on that part – skipping it’s way through, instead!

New Share of My Live Recording of My Song, “Prison Planet,” Along with Some Fresh Feedback

The following correspondence originally took place on the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Habib A.: This girl got barz!!!!

Prison Planet Live:

Rayn: Thank you for sharing! 🙂

Marco S.: That was awesome,

Habib A.: I thank YOU for sharing, that was hot!!

Sharing My Live Recording of My Song, “Prison Planet,” to My Facebook Wall

I originally posted my video, along with statement, onto my Facebook wall…

Prison Planet Live:

No frills, just skillz! Watch me get transcendental on my instrumental! And, if you haven’t done so already, “like” my music page, here: Rayn!

Feedback on “Big ‘Ole Words,” by Cee Lo Green

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Kala Z…

Kala Z.: Cee Lo Green – Big ‘Ole Words:

Kala Z.: Cee Lo before all his singing shit, he was one of the best rappers EVAAAAAH…..DAYUM!

Rayn: Cee-Lo’s droppin’ science! Skillz!

Kala Z.: Luv this shit. Many havent heard this, but had to drop it on all ya’ll. Sometimes forget the art that hip hop was always meant to be b4 the money retarded it and wrapped it in “industry”

John V.: Reminds me of Goodie Mobb. Makes me want to hear some Black Ice with Goodie and Outkast.

Kala Z.: Sheeeeettt….makes me hungry for some Soul Food lol!