Clueless Feminist Whines Because Steve Rogers Didn’t Bow to UN Authority in New “Captain America: Civil War” Film

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Captain America's signature adamantium shield

Captain America’s signature adamantium shield

Salon Loses It Over Captain America: Civil War:

() Poor Amanda Marcotte. She went to the movies hoping to see a safe Captain America movie that would steer clear of any material offensive to her militant feminist ideology. Sadly, that was not the case. Instead, she was subjected to the outrageous opinion espoused by the titular hero that the Avengers should not have to answer to the United Nations. Salon’s weekly assault on libertarianism was due anyway, so maybe it was just happenstance that a movie containing ideas which parallel those of libertarians was in theaters.

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My Commentary: The original Salon article is so pathetically slave-minded, it’s actually entertaining!

Short Review of the Bottled Water, “Blk.”

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a photo I took…

Rayn: blk.: Alkaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water


Mark J.: How does it taste?

Rayn: It tastes exactly like every other bottled spring water I’ve ever tasted. 🙂

A Short Review of the Film, “Surrogates”

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…



Rayn: I just got back from enjoying the movie, “Surrogates,” with Genaire.

Earlene E.: how was it
i was going to see it on friday but saw couples retreat instead

Jonathan P.: You enjoyed that movie? I think it was dissappointing

Rayn: To answer you all, the movie definitely could have been better, but it was entertaining enough! It was at worth at least a single viewing! The writers had a good premise, and therefore, a lot of material to work with, but, in the end, they didn’t do anything truly spectacular with the plot. They had all the makings for something cinematically spectacular and mind-bending, like the Matrix, or even Twelve Monkeys, but instead, opted for a clean, mainstream Hollywood storyline. Rather than be inundated by what seemed like an endless stream of chase scenes and special effects, I was much more interested in understanding the intricacies holding together this story, such as the psychology behind the characters in this movie. I would have liked to learn exactly why each character picked the particular “surrogate” they did, with the look it had. However, this was only superficially explored. There was very little in the movie about how the surrogates affected class distinction – something that would have been very interesting. Also, I would have liked to see more background about the one community that rejected all forms of technology.

A Short Review of the Film, “The International”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall…

"The International"

“The International”

Rayn: I watched “The International.”

Keith M.: How Was It? IM Going To See it On Tuesday.

Rayn: It was good. The plot line could have been a little more involved, but it was worth seeing. It’s not easy to make a movie about the conspiracy of the International Banksters to cause war, exact regime political regime change, and profit from both sides of it!