Defending the Words of Immortal Technique

The following debate took place on my Facebook wall, after I posted artwork being shared by the page, “Free Thought Project


“When someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, what they are really saying is they are too lazy to do their own research & we should just trust the government and media to tell us the truth.” – Immortal Technique

Rayn: Bring it on!

Sam B.: No, but anyone who says this in any seriousness is claiming that failing to support their unsubstantiated claim makes you a sheep, and that the only real research is watching conspiracy YouTube videos and lurking on Infowars.

Rayn: That’s a nice straw man you’ve got there. Yet, I never made any such claim, nor have I made any unsubstantiated conspiracy theory claims, for that matter. I also don’t watch “conspiracy YouTube videos,” nor do I lurk in InfoWars. Sorry I don’t fit into your neat little box of dismissal. Meanwhile, anyone’s failure to support their claim that I’m a “conspiracy theorist” makes them a lemming.

Genaire: Several credible news outlets have YouTube videos, that have done credible journalism to expose the fraud which was the Iraq war, the fraud in which was the Libyan invasion and the list goes on and on.

Rayn: I remember when a bunch of lemmings attacked me as a “conspiracy theorist” over my views about the police…

Never Trust the Police, and Always Presume the Innocence of Those They Target, Until Proven Otherwise:

A Few Reasons to Hate Pepsi Cola…

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Jenny D.: Maybe this is why I hate Pepsi.

Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized” Frontier Records:

Rayn: Ha! EPIC MUSICAL RANT! Skillz!

When I first read your post through my phone, Jenny (which says, “shared a link on your timeline,” followed by your comment), I thought you were going to cite this as the reason you hate PepsiCo:

Pepsi’s Bizarro World: Boycotted Over Embryonic Cells Linked to Lo-Cal Soda:

Of course, even if it is true that aborted HEK 293 (human embryonic kidney) cells were used in the research and development of the patented sugar enhancing ingredient that will soon be inside of Pepsi’s latest “diet soda” (due to hit the shelves this year), the original human cells used in the Senomyx company’s “technology” are subsequently cloned, then cultivated on a larger scale. This means that, either way, there are no actual aborted cells in their final product. Therefore, Pepsi drinkers can rest safe knowing that they will never actually be drinking aborted human fetal cells if they do decide to try the company’s new brand of soda. On the other hand, those that are politically (or even just personally) anti-abortion might want to start boycotting Pepsi right away, due to their collaboration with Senomyx – a company that has created multiple products derived from aborted fetal cells!

Jenny D.: No actual aborted fetus in the final product. Another reason not to drink Pepsi.

Rayn: “What the f*ck were they thinking!?” 🙂

Jenny D.: Drink Coke! It’s the real thing…

Rayn: Ha! Maybe in Mexico, it is! In the American-manufactured version of their product, however, Coke uses the cheap, sugar-replacement I like to call “high f*cktose corn-syrup” (unless it’s the yellow-capped Kosher version that is sold during Passover – in select neighborhoods, of course)! 🙂

“Guarding the Gates” of Lauryn Hill’s Reputation in the Face of Defamation

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an ex-acquaintance…

Chris C.: Listen to this track. Its the bomb. The lyrics and the whole sound, vibe

Guarding the Gates – Lauryn Hill:

Kimberly K.: I used to listen to her… until she expressed her disdain for whitey… LMAO! Don’t care for her anymore

Chris C.: I think that was blown outta proportion, out of context…when i met her and sang for her on her bday, she was totally down to earth and respectful. no hint of racism

Kimberly K.: You sang for her??? That’s awesome! words are words. .. when they’re out there… they’re out there.. and I don’t forget! EVER! I’ve got an elephant brain:o0

Chris C.: haha….i do agree with being very careful about words we put out in the universe…we were just talkin about that actually, that concept

Kezi C.: For everything that is said there are two things that are HEARD

Rayn: Indeed, words are words! With that in mind, I would love for someone to provide me with ANY evidence that Lauryn Hill has spoken of a “disdain for whitey.” I have challenged many, and YET not one person has SHOWN PROOF of this slanderous allegation! As far as I can tell, it is an INSIDIOUS RUMOR, meant to disqualify a HIGHLY POSITIVE, CONSCIOUS ARTIST whose influence was growing at the time this falsehood was propagated against her! In other words, Ms. Hill was a threat to the agenda of the cowards-that-be, and because of this, she was subsequently “neutralized”! Allow me to help clear things up (and provide some comic relief, too):

Lauryn Hill Dispels “Racism” Myth – Howard Stern Interview – 1996:

Lesson: Don’t Believe the Hype, and do your own research! Those who seek to defame others ARE BANKING on our lack of INTEREST in TRUTH, and unwillingness to CRITICALLY THINK for ourselves! We must not allow the adversary to gain any real ground in these INFOWARS! So long as we remain asleep, the PSY-OPS will continue! Believe that! Just remember: complacency is complicity!

Kezi C.: Rayn ~ I couldn’t agree more. I also worked for her and was her friend in Jersey for the time frame f 1991-1997 and her outlook wasn’t that of racism and if it was said it was misquoted in an attempt to slander her true love of the people that loved her music. She new the numbers on a business level and it would have been ludicrous to outs a group of loyal supporters just to make a radical point to … Media.

Love Peace and Equality

Rayn: No doubt, Kezi! And, I thank you for providing us all with a more intimate perspective of the situation. As a fan of Ms. Hill’s music since way back when the Fugees were also called the “Tranzlator Crew,” I immediately had my doubts about this circulating rumor when I heard it, as it seemed to fly in the face of YEARS worth of her song lyric content. So, I decided to investigate for myself, scouring the web for facts, and couldn’t find a single shred of evidence to support the defamatory claims – just many an angry white ex-fan, ranting in disgust! At that point, I determinded that the rumor was suspect, and likely false. I adhere to the concept that the BURDEN OF PROOF is actually on the ACCUSER, with ALL INDIVIDUALS PRESUMED INNOCENT.