Conscious Emcees, Unite!

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Strictly Voluntary“…


Strictly Voluntary: Jared Howe: Voluntaryist, Anarchist, and Conscious Rapper:

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Rayn: Skillz! Conscious emcees, unite!

A Third Round of Feedback on a Live Street Recording of My Song, “America”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Last Prince…

(this is a continuation of a first discussion, which took place here, and a second, which took place here)

Last Prince: 1. 2. 1. 2. !!!!! This Clip is a Classic. Rayn is a Rebel 2 be Reckoned with. She got some L’s 4yo azz, plus she goes N on the beatz 2!!!!! The funny thing is that this was recorded on the 4th of July, 2009!!!! She performed this joint @ the last N.N.S. Femcee Showcase and made a lot of 3rd Eyes Blink!!!! Hope she’s down to Rock the next one Jan. 2, 2010 @ The Coffee Cave!!!!! N E Way, B E Z!!!!!!!


1. 2.!!!!!!

“America” Live – Rayn:

(recorded by Last Prince in Newark, NJ)

Louis G.: Rayn drop it like it was hot!! and it was…

Last Prince: YezSir!!!! Automatically 1 of my Fav’s!!!!!

Louis G.: thats what it is…good fucking video!!

SaraRayn going hard! And dropping knowledge 🙂

Jimmy L.: freshness

Kala Z.: ew you so nasty! I can smell the funk off these pixels. Rayn do yo damn thang homie!

Rebekah P.: Rayn inspires me to be the higher me
She’s on fire, free and deals with reality
Nuff respect on the mic check Lady B
Speakin’ on it Naturally a TRUE MC!

Rayn: Thanx, everyone! Your words are much appreciated! Props to Last Prince for posting the raw, gritty underground flavor every day!

Sara: Bring it back Rayn! Bring it back!

The Free and Equal Campaign Against Fascism

Click here to “like” my artwork on the Facebook page, "Free and Equal," where it is currently being shared!

Click here to “like” my artwork on the Facebook page, “Free and Equal,” where it is currently being shared!

My Commentary: I can’t say it enough: I truly love it when I’m scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and I see my artwork staring back at me! And, this particular message has become insanely popular, apparently! I’m honored! 🙂

It’s literally AMAZING to see that this piece has 2,000+ likes, 16,500+ shares, and 225+ comments! I actually had to do a double-take to make sure I was seeing these numbers correctly!

Thank you so much, Free and Equal!

Debate Upon a Highly Popular Share of My Artwork, “Defining Fascism”

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted my artwork, being shared from here

Rayn: Ha! This one keeps making the rounds! 🙂

“Fascism: a merger of State & Corporate power’ – Mussolini
(Artwork by Rayn)

Brian J.: That’s why we love Superheroes. We like positive fascism. Lol! 🙂

Rayn: What’s this “we” business? 😉

Brian J.: Don’t you like “X-Men?” Or “Spawn?” That’s fascism. Lol! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)