The Many Pleas of Police Murder Victim, Kelly Thomas

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a photo being shared by the page, “Fuck the Government“…


“Kelly Thomas’ Pleas:
Dad Help Me… They’re Killing Me – 31 Times
Sir Please… Okay… Okay – 30 Times
Help Me… Help Me God – 26 Times
I’m Sorry – 15 Times”

Genaire: Pigs need Death!

Sara: This is a fucking shame!

Bram D.Genaire : that goes a bit too far imo, but then i’m against the death penalty 🙂

Genaire: When I say pigs Bram, I’m not referring to all police officers. I respect good police officers. I’m referring to the officers that feel that is ok to abuse their power, those officers deserve death. As far as being against the death penalty goes I respect that but if they are in the process of killing you, you are within your right to defend yourself even if that means you have to take their life instead.

RaynAmerican Fascism, Exposed


MURDER: It’s okay when the government does it”
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