The IngSoc Mentality Reigns Supreme in America

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of Voluntaryist, Larken Rose

(replies from all third parties have been omitted for clarity)

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.' - George Orwell, 1984

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’ – George Orwell, 1984

Larken Rose: Here, have a PRINCIPLE: The fact that allowing people their freedom might result in things you don’t like, and things that don’t benefit you, does not mean that forcibly infringing on people’s freedom is justified. Freedom means you don’t always get your way. Deal with it.

Rayn: The IngSoc mentality of doublethink is polluting the thought patterns of far too many to even count. And, we are quickly approaching the year 1984.

Being pro-liberty and pro-justice (hence, a Voluntaryist), I often find myself debating Statists who protect their slave-minded views with some variation on the theme that “freedom is slavery.” These types typically regurgitate thoughtless claims, such as “warlords will take over,” “criminals will run the show,” and other such completely contradictory, totally accusatory ideas. And, I usually eviscerate their faulty logic by simply pointing out that the things they fear most about freedom are, interestingly enough, exactly those which are currently *legally* happening under the yoke of the State.

Also, being pro-peace, and hence, anti-war, I also find myself in the strange position of debating Statists who claim some variation on the theme that “war is peace.” These types often dutifully explain to me that the American government is bombing the Middle-East for the sake of “reducing violence,” for “stability,” for “protection,” for “liberty,” etc., etc. They even readily agree with my assessment of their view, when I say, “so, basically, you believe that war is peace?” Very few recognize the reference, nor do they understand its implications. The idea that a war pig like Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize is completely Orwellian, alone. When I hear any mention of the pathetic “war on terror” justification, I often invoke crickets by mentioning that war, itself, is terrorism. More doublethink…

Sadly, the “ignorance” required for, and maintained by, these two major modes of doublethink lends enormous “strength” to sociopolitical collectivism, and by extension, the continued existence of a single ruling authority-head, capable of molding and forming such a gigantic mass of shapeless, empty human beings into one centrally-structured body.

“Nation-Building” is Orwellian Newspeak for Wars of Aggression, Occupation and Imperialism

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Brooke M…

Brooke N.: Does anybody remember when we did nation building instead of nation breaking? When we gave foreign aid instead of shock and awe? I suspect that if we made micro loans to individuals in Latin America instead of running our drug wars through their countries, we’d have fewer immigrants from there and they could stay home and make a living and one day our neighbor would be as well off as we and not be plagued with gangs and drugs and paramilitary and insurgents. If we had actually fixed Iraq after we broke it instead of having hired Halliburton and paying them billions for doing nothing, we could have provided power and clean water, people are appreciating ISIS over there for giving them power and clean water. We could have given people jobs rebuilding schools instead of having tortured their citizens and weaving a web of intrigue from inside the green zone—and it would not have cost nearly as much as the wars we’ve gotten involved in since 2001. Just a thought.

Preston W.: There you go again being rational…

Brooke N.: I used to be wild and crazy now people accuse me of being rational all the time. Getting old.

Patricia B.: Rational is the new wild and crazy.

Brooke N.: Patricia I wish! Never seen such a bunch of nut cases wanting to be President before. SMH.

Obbe H.: Nation building doesn’t work to well either since cries of white colonialism/imperialism would ring out. That’s not as far fetched as it sounds since I said the same thing Brooke said in a history class and was told that I was being insensitive to other cultures. Latin America has rarely been a stable environment and we haven’t helped matters-the drug trade is just one example dysfunctional governments in that area. Iraq of course not fixable after our invasion but not exactly an area of stability before. Note the Iraq/Iran war, the Kurds and the Shia/Sunni mix just festering behind everything. No Brooke with age your beginning to sound more and more utopian.

Laura M.: We certainly screwed up Iraq every way we possibly could…continuing tragedy playing out. Even though our government let all of us down in that, I still know of lots of programs sponsored by generous Americans to help others in need. Programs such as HEIFFER, Habitat for Humanity, OX-FAM, World Vision, UNICEF, and many other programs, some of which are faith-sponsored programs. It will continue to be on us… The ordinary Americans to reach out to give helping hands…just because we are part of the HUMANITY FAMILY!

Rayn: “Nation-building” is newspeak for wars of aggression, occupation and imperialism…