Walk Away from the State Towards Justice

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“Opt Out”

The Opt-Out Option:

My Commentary: What’s a word that describe an individual who is only willing to fight for justice when there’s no personal risk involved, and 100% certainty of victory?

Withdraw Consent Because Statism is Really Just a Cult!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Actor, Isaiah Washington

Actor, Isaiah Washington

Unay U.: Actor Isaiah Washington Wants Black People to Stay Home to Fight Police Brutality:

Imagine if we just all, at the same time, stopped participating in the country, period. Or even if we didn’t stop total participation. What if we all cut off our cable on the same day? What if we all did something to affect the monetary structure at the same time. It worked with the bus boycotts.

Rayn: Withdraw Consent! Statism Is A Cult!