“Civil Asset Forfeit” is Orwellian Newspeak for THEFT

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Genaire: I’m here in OREGON. Passing by the highway patrol in their new mustang and I have to ask why do these pigs need two door vehicles? Do they plan to kill their victims right on the highway and call the coroner for transport?

Morgan S.: they do. at the tax payers expense. like they need mustangs and Lamborghini’s and Lav’s all at the tax dollar.

Rayn: Remember when I reflexively guessed that “civil forfeiture” was behind this “phenomenon” when we discussed it on the phone, earlier today, Genaire?:

Oregon Police Received $1.9 Million From Federal Asset Seizures:

From the article: “a Washington Post investigation this weekend revealed that law enforcement in Oregon since 2001 got to keep $1.9 million in cash seized by police under ***A FEDERAL PROGRAM THAT ALLOWS FOR FORFEITURE WITHOUT A CRIMINAL CHARGE OR WARRANT.”**** (emphasis mine)

Cops are career criminals, plain and simple! They rob, rape and murder their way through life under “color of law,” and we, the tax-slaves, pay them for the privilege…

“People are bad, so we need a government made up of people are bad, so we need a government made up of people are bad, so we need a government made up of…”

Statists Gonna State!