But, Without Government, Who Would Build the Roads?

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Smugglers Secretly Repairing Russian Roads to Boost Business:

Gangs smuggling goods into Russia have secretly repaired a road on the Belarussian border in order to boost business, the TASS news agency reported Monday.

Smugglers have transformed the gravel track in the Smolensk region in order to help their heavy goods vehicles traveling on the route, said Alexander Laznenko from the Smolensk region border agency. The criminal groups have widened and raised the road and added additional turning points, he said.

The road, which connects Moscow to the Belarussian capital of Minsk, is known to be used by smugglers wishing to avoid official customs posts and is now under official surveillance.

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My Commentary: This is amusingly ironic on SO VERY MANY levels, I wouldn’t even know where to begin describing it!

In the American Police State, it’s Dangerous to Operate an Improperly Lit Bicycle

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Man Gets Mauled by Police Dog for Improper Bicycle Lighting:

Shocking video has surfaced of a police dog clamping down on a man’s armpit and refusing to let go for several minutes, causing serious injury.

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My Commentary: It can be very dangerous to operate an improperly lit bicycle on Muh Roads!

Statism: A Highly-Illogical, Contradictory, Violent and Coercive Cult of Injustice

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"I don't think we should steal. Stealing is wrong. You fuckin' suck!!!!!! Who will build the roads!?!?!?"

“I don’t think we should steal. Stealing is wrong.
You fuckin’ suck!!!!!! Who will build the roads!?!?!?”

My Commentary: Statism: a highly-illogical, contradictory, violent and coercive cult of injustice meant to disrupt the moral compass of even the most well-intentioned victim…