For the Parasitic State, Revenue Collection is the Name of the Game

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Mayor Lisa Holmes of Morinville, in Alberta, Canada

Mayor Lisa Holmes of Morinville, in Alberta, Canada

David Staples: Morinville Mayor on Photo Radar, “It Was a Bit of a Cash Cow, Honey Pot Situation”:

(David Staples) Today’s truth bomb comes from Mayor Lisa Holmes of Morinville, just outside of Edmonton, a place like many other Canadian communities that has struggled to find the right balance with photo radar enforcement.

Morinville’s photo radar program started in 2009. It’s been run by a private contractor that reports to the town office. The program was soon raising $300,000 a year, but some felt there was too much focus on handing out tickets and generating revenue. Things got so heated that in 2014 Morinville held a plebiscite. Fifty-five per cent voted to keep the program. Nonetheless, the new council vowed to make sure the program was all about safety, as opposed to being a cash cow for the local government.

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My Commentary: For the parasitic State, revenue collection is the name of the game.