Statists Vitriolically State in Response to Public Celebration of Three-Year Anniversary of Liberation from American Slave-Grid Through Purchase of an RV

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “To Truly Own Your Home, Buy an RV“…

Inside view of my family's 38-foot motor-home

Inside view of my family’s 38-foot motor-home

Rayn: Wanting the freedom to ACTUALLY own our home, and to move as we please, my husband, [Genaire], and I purchased a 38 ft. 2001 Monaco Diplomat RV three years ago, today. 🙂 True liberty!

To understand what I mean, try not paying the “property tax” on your house, and you’ll soon find out who really owns it! Not too mention that most also spend a third of their life paying off a 30-year-loan, too!

Using a seven-year bank loan to buy a large used RV in full working order, with only 36,00 miles used on a diesel engine that’s still under warranty for 500,000 miles, as well as a 50 amp diesel generator, a 1500 watt 30 amp inverter, four deep-cycle house batteries, 100-gallon diesel tank, hydraulic leveling jacks, a propane/electric furnace, a propane/electric fridge, two 12,000 btu air conditioners, a 38-gallon propane tank, a 3-burner stovetop range, a convection oven, a booth dinette that seats 4, a 100-gallon water tank, a 10 gallon boiler, a 60-gallon grey tank, a 40-gallon septic tank, a shower with bathtub, a double kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, a queen-sized bed, a leather couch that pulls out to into a full-sized bed, leather power driver and passenger seats that rotate, a CD player with four ceiling speakers, front 32 inch widescreen LCD with DVD player, back 26 inch widescreen LCD, also with DVD player, CB radio, VCR, satellite TV antenna dome, solid wood-paneled cabinets, ceramic-tiled floors, a patio awning, a 15,000 lb. hitch, and multiple storage bays … is a little under $700 a month, with insurance under $100! That is less than most people pay for rent!

Want a change in scenery, weather, neighbors, community, temperatures, State laws, etc.? With an RV, simply drive to a new location, without hassle! No leases, no listings, no resales, no permission, no problem!

Anke M.: I love it, am jealous! But when a couple has children one needs to be in a location with good schools. And should pay taxes for the schools to exist as well as all the other services the government provides: refuse removal, roads, general infrastructure and law enforcement.

All well and good for you two to be Libertarians and have no kids. But when you move that fabulous RV you use roads I pay for, and where ever you live someone ultimately picks up your refuse, etc. you use sewer lines, etc.
So get real Rayn, it’s a great way to live, but not feasible for the majority of people , especially those with kids. (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)