The Rise of the Snitch State…

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Anne Arundel Police Say Officers Fatally Shot Armed Man While Serving Protective Order to Remove Guns:

(Colin Campbell) Two Anne Arundel County police officers serving one of Maryland’s new “red flag” protective orders to remove guns from a house killed a Ferndale man after he refused to give up his gun and a struggle ensued early Monday morning, police said.

The subject of the protective order, Gary J. Willis, 60, answered his door in the 100 block of Linwood Ave. at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand, Anne Arundel County police said. He initially put the gun down next to the door, but “became irate” when officers began to serve him with the order, opened the door and picked up the gun again, police said.

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My Commentary: The rise of the Snitch State… The next stage…

The New Film, “Snowden,” is a Must-See About All Americans!

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NSA Whistle-blower, Edward Snowden

Maryland Congressman Warning People Don’t See Snowden Movie:

(Rick Ritter) A highly anticipated new movie hits theaters this weekend about the life of Edward Snowden, a Maryland man who worked for the NSA and leaked classified documents. Now a prominent Maryland congressman is urging people not to see the movie.

He labels himself a whistle blower, but critics call him a traitor. The saga of Edward Snowden has captivated the world for the past three years. His story is now a Hollywood movie.

In 2013, the Maryland man and NSA contractor leaked thousands of pages of classified government documents to media. Snowden says he wanted to expose the government’s collection of U.S. citizens’ private information. He now lives in Russia in asylum, and faces espionage charges in the U.S.

“I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, but I’m glad for the decision I made,” Snowden said.

The movie follows Snowden, from a young Army recruit to a computer expert for the NSA.

A new report released this week by the House Intelligence Committee says Snowden was just a disgruntled employee, and is not a whistle blower. It says the majority of the documents he stole were military and defense secrets–nothing to do with Americans’ privacy.

The movie Snowden hits theaters across the country this weekend, and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger says Americans shouldn’t give Snowden any more publicity.

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My Commentary: Go see this movie. It’s about you.

Purge the Disease Called Authoritarianism, or it Will Continue to Rot the Very Roots of Our Societies

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Maryland Police Ban Tourists from Taking Roadside Pictures With Sunflowers:

(John Vibes) Each year, towards the end of summer, sunflowers pop up in fields across Harford County and they become somewhat of an attraction for people who want to take pictures or pick a few flowers to take with them.

However, this year, local police have ruined the fun and issued a statement telling motorists that they are no longer allowed to pull over to appreciate the sunflowers.

There has not been a major incident or accident to prompt this ban, just some complaints of minor traffic slowdowns on a country road. The field is located on a country road and near a red light, so while cars would have to stop to allow pedestrians to cross the road, the traffic on the street is so calm that it does not cause any major congestion.

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My Commentary: Authoritarianism is a disease. We must purge this corruption, or it will continue to rot the very roots of our societies.

Debating Police Brutality Against Non-Combative Student Inside Baltimore High School

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Rayn: Fuck the police.

School Police Officer Repeated Slaps, Then Kicks, 16-Year-Old Student While Partner Stands By, Watching:

Greg C.: It takes insanity to police insanity…

Rayn: It takes the insane to justify the beating of children.

Greg C.: One slap yes…not 5 but its insanity no doubt.

Genaire: Adults, especially adults in a position of authority, should not hit children. When the parents of this child retaliates with justified violence then they should not be looked upon as the villain.

GenaireNow the taxes of the community will undoubtedly increase due to the issuing lawsuit.

Greg C.: Im wondering what the kid did. It had to be something to bring out such a reaction. I find it really filled with hypocrisy that just a short time ago HBO had “The Wire” on and it was an identical and absolute realistic representation of Baltimores aggressive policing against the drug trade. NOBODY SAID ANYTHING, THEY SAW IT AND THEY BOUGHT IT, with praise and now (politicians) are saying “No, No – This isnt right”

Rayn: Why not wonder how many other victims the cop has done this to before? (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

School Police Officer Repeatedly Slaps, Then Kicks, Non-Combative 16-Year-Old Student While Partner Stands By, Watching

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School Police Officer Repeated Slaps, Then Kicks, 16-Year-Old Student While Partner Stands By, Watching:

My Commentary: Fuck the police.