Without an Injured Party, No Legitimate Law Has Been Broken

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Police The Police,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

Kelly Thomas: No Conviction, Sandra Bland: No Conviction, Eric Garner: No Conviction, Phil Castile: No Conviction, Freddie Gray: No Conviction, James Boyd: No Conviction, Tamir Rice: No Conviction, Alton Sterling: No Conviction

My Commentary: No worries. Just keep voting harder! That’ll show the establishment you really mean business!

Something to think about: without an injured party, no *legitimate* law has actually been broken. This is the origin of common law (and the foundation of common sense). Meanwhile, most of the victims pictured here only ended up being murdered by agents of the government *after* first being detained and harassed using the erroneous pretext of some victimless crime, or another… The State is the ultimate centralization of coercion, tyranny and violence, and represents the cult religion of the Accuser.

No Victim, No Crime! #NoVictimNoCrime

The Criminals Long-Ago Adapted to the System of “Justice” Known as Government

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30 Cops Arrested Over Weekend For Rape, Child-Molestation, Child-Pornography and Domestic Violence:

(Jacob Crawford) It’s been both a busy and a messy week for law enforcement across the nation as multiple officers are arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rape, domestic violence, and child porn, to driving while intoxicated

September 12: Veteran CHP officer arrested in Child Pornography case
This past monday, CHP Officer Patrick Francis Cooney Jr, 54, was arrested by Placer County sheriff’s detectives on suspicion of transmitting child pornography. Cooney’s residence was raided and electronic devices seized. Chief Janice Mulanix of the CHP Valley Division in Sacramento claimed that Cooney’s powers as a police officer have been revoked.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: The criminals long-ago adapted to your weak and pathetic system of “justice,” but you’re just too blind and arrogant to admit it…

Enjoy getting screwed, America! 🙂 You earned it! 😉

Multiple Studies Reveal the Truth that Human Beings Are Naturally Compassionate and Cooperative

The following debate originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Living in Modern Times“…

Living in Modern Times:

"10 Things to Use to Make You a Better Human 1. Self Ownership 2. Natural Law 3. The Non-Aggression Principle 4. Consent 5. Using Conscience at All Times 6. All Interactions Must be Voluntary 7. Only Self Authority is Inherent to Humans 8. Truth & Freedom Come Before Family Obligations 9. Positive Rights Are Not Inherent to Humans 10. No Ruling Class, Society, & Collective Can Provide 'Justice,' 'Morality,' or Protection, as These Are Owned, Individually"

“10 Things to Use to Make You a Better Human
1. Self Ownership
2. Natural Law
3. The Non-Aggression Principle
4. Consent
5. Using Conscience at All Times
6. All Interactions Must be Voluntary
7. Only Self Authority is Inherent to Humans
8. Truth & Freedom Come Before Family Obligations
9. Positive Rights Are Not Inherent to Humans
10. No Ruling Class, Society, & Collective Can Provide ‘Justice,’ ‘Morality,’ or Protection, as These Are Owned, Individually”

Joseph H.: Fine on,paper but won’t work,in reality. You don’t understand the universal nature of evil.

Living in Modern Times: oh? please explain the universal nature of evil, Joseph H.

Jeff R.: You don’t understand the universal nature of good.

Joseph H.: Everyone is sinful and everyone is capable of evil. Radicals always make the same basic, fatal mistake. They want to overturn an established flawed
order and replace it with What they think is a utopia. They don’t see that
they are subject to the same faults as the rulers they replaced. It happened in the French Revolution and in the Russian Revolution. A bloody, sadistic regime replaced a long established monarchy. Power corrupts and unless you have something to balance that, you’ll be corrupt too.

Rayn: Reality does not tend to agree with the highly cynical notion that humanity needs to be ruled over by morally-bankrupt criminal scum. And, the Statists currently denying our natural right to live, to own ourselves, and to peacefully co-exist are simply those who wish to violate them, by way of robbery, slavery and/or murder – either directly, or through violent, coercive proxy (church, state, etc). This is typically done while espousing the usual brand of illogical superstition, replete with “original sin/presumed guilt/pre-crime/chaos” myth about the inherent “evil/cruelty/disorder” of humanity.

Of course, I reject such cult-like nonsense, as it is absolutely illegitimate. Not only have I personally met more kind and caring souls than I can count, I also recognize every human being as a UNIQUE, SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL – to be judged ONLY by the merits of their OWN character! As far as I’m concerned, assigning humanity with labels fit for criminals is merely an excuse for the corrupt and polluted souls among us to collectively oppress and punish us all for crimes we haven’t even committed, in an effort to catch a boogie man that lives no further than the nearest MIRROR! Besides, biology, itself, does NOT support the “freedom is slavery” double-think mentality of such control-freaks, no matter how many clever excuses they come up with in order to justify their lust to harm and enslave others:

Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts (Aug. 2009):

Humans Evolved To Be Peaceful, Cooperative And Social Animals, Not Predators (Feb. 2006):

The Compassionate Species (July 2012):

Young Children Are Intrinsically Motivated to See Others Helped (August 2011):

We’re In This Together: A Pathbreaking Investigation into the Evolution of Cooperative Behavior (Nov. 2012):

Humans Naturally Cooperative, Altruistic, Social (Sept. 2011):

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution (Jan. 2011):

Instinctively, People Are Generous (Sept. 2012):

(archived copy of above link located here: http://web.archive.org/web/20121004113714/http://news.discovery.com/human/human-instinct-generous-120919.html)

Emory Brain Imaging Studies Reveal Biological Basis For Human Cooperation (July 2002):
(Brain intrinsically rewards reciprocal altruism over self-interest)
(*all it takes is free-will initiation of altruism by only one party in most cases!)

Thinking About Giving, Not Receiving, Motivates People to Help Others (Aug. 2012):

Joseph H.: Sin isn’t an,illusion, you just don’t want to admit it exists and acts on you too.

The Symptoms Are Everywhere, But the Underlying Problem is the Deadly Institution Known as “The State”

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NYPD Quotas:

My Commentary: Let us treat the problem, not just the symptoms! These elitist control-freaks would be powerless without the legal monopoly on “justice” and violence that is THE STATE! It is THIS DEADLY INSTITUTION that provides them with the ability to criminalize our humanity, while simultaneously legalizing their criminality!

Democide: 20th Century Mortacracies:
(260+ million human beings were murdered by their own gov’t over the last century – and, these figures don’t even account for all of the casualties from the imperialistic wars of aggression that these psychopaths have orchestrated during that time)

No victim, no crime! Any form of “regulation” beyond this is an overreaching violation of the innocent and peaceful in search of a boogie man that lives no further than the nearest mirror, whether the alleged violation be “jaywalking,” “failure to wear a seatbelt,” a “broken taillight,” selling loose cigarettes, etc.

“The more laws, the less justice.” – Marcus Cicero
“The more corrupt the State, the more it legislates.” – Tacitus

Police are a State-funded gang of thugs, trained and ordered to harass, extort, rob, kidnap, cage, brutalize and murder the most vulnerable members of society, in an effort to empower and enrich the State, and the military-prison-industrial-complex that controls it!

Dispelling Statist Myths About the Nature of Anarchy

The following debate orginally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “The ‘Social Contract’ Doesn’t Exist“…

Rayn“But.. muh social ‘contract’ proves that they are!” – Shit Statists Say

Hmm… since when are non-consensual arrangements fabricated upon invisible paper with invisible ink referred to as “contracts”? Just more proof that Statism Is A Cult!

"Anarchism: the radical notion that other people are not your property"

“Anarchism: the radical notion that other people are not your property”

Katherine C.: Without getting into an exhausting conversation, I’m just curious that since anarchy by definition is the absolute freedom of the individual, regardless of political views, what would an anarchist do about murderers, paedophiles, and the like since they would be technically free to do whatever they’d like, according to anarchists?

Greg C.: Summary execution on the fuckin spot. Get caught doin something fucked up out comes the 45 and down they go…

Rayn: As I explained to you previously, Katherine, when you misunderstood the concept of Anarchy in our last debate: the word simply means “no rulers.” And, when this concept is properly and logically understood, using PROOF, instead of romantic fables and foundation-free myth, it is clear that the REASON we have no legitimate rulers is because of the self-evident fact that we are ALL born with our very own Individual sovereignty (AKA Self-ownership). With this logic understood correctly, we are NOT, in any way “technically free to do whatever [we] like,” because that would imply a host of actions which would completely violate the Individual Sovereignty of those around us. Realize that Anarchy is not at all chaos, but rather: peace, respect, liberty, and the only real equality there is! I absolutely own myself… and, so do you, my friend!

Indeed, these inaccurate ideas about Anarchy you have been suggesting here are very pervasive within our society, due to repeated efforts, over a long period of time, by the elitist, ruling class, and their minions, alike, to hijack this word, and run it into the ground, in hopes of quelling the evolution of humanity, in favor of CONTROL and BONDAGE. And, it is precisely this co-opting of the term that has caused real Anarchists to avoid it, in order to embrace the more-accurately-descriptive word, “Voluntaryism,” which, by definition, is founded upon the reality of Individual sovereignty and the Non-aggression principle that binds it. There is no wiggle-room for claiming Voluntaryism to be CHAOS, when CONSENT and COOPERATION are written into the very term, itself! 🙂

Meanwhile, “the absolute freedom of the individual,” you mention, as my last two paragraphs describe, is best-referred to as “Individual sovereignty,” and as I also mentioned, can only be acknowledged and exercised in regards to EVERY SINGLE OTHER INDIVIDUAL IN EXISTENCE, as well. Therefore, any efforts to impose upon or violate the Individual sovereignty of another makes that violator JUST ANOTHER ATTEMPTED RULER – and, hence, DOES NOT qualify as ANARCHY!

As for your notion of Anarchy being exercised “regardless of political views,” you must learn to shake off such preconceived notions, so that you can open your eyes to the fact that Anarchism is actually apolitical/anti-political (or, as Gerald Celente so aptly describes it, “political atheism”). The words “politics,” and even “policy” and “police,” are all based in the same root word, “polis,” which is the Greek term for “city, one’s city; the state, citizens” – or, as we would understand it, in modern terms, a State-based control grid of rulers and subjects. (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)