United States Has Not Even a Shred of Moral Authority Left

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John Kerry, Vladimir Putin, and Barack Obama

John Kerry, Vladimir Putin, and Barack Obama

The US Surrendered Its Right to Accuse Russia of War Crimes a Long Time Ago:

(Darius Shahtahmasebi) Renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald recently tweeted the three rules of American exceptionalism:

“3 rules of US Exceptionalism: 1) Our killing is better than theirs; 2) Nothing we do can be ‘terrorism’; 3) Only enemies are ‘war criminals”

Greenwald’s astute observations were presumably made in response to Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks that both Russia and Syria should face war crimes investigations for their recent attacks on Syrian civilians.

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My Commentary: Not even a shred of moral authority left, to be sure.

The Anti-Muslim Rambings of Luciferian Bonesman, Career War Criminal, and Sociopathic Megalomaniac, John Kerry

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John Kerry: Bible Commands America To Protect Muslims From Global Warming:

My CommentaryBush’s fellow Luciferian Bonesman, career war criminal, and sociopathic megalomaniac, Kerry, uses Scripture to promote his own corrupted version of Gaia-worship, wherein mindless, double-thinking practitioners can claim to “care” about the planet in the name of “global warming,” while simultaneously promoting crimes against humanity (aka human sacrifice) in the name of the “War on Terror.”