The Danger of Engaging in Perpetual War

As I scrolled through my Facebook memories, I discovered the following link, which I originally posted to my own wall in August of 2016, and decidedly re-shared it, while adding a commentary…

Our Greatest National Security Threat? Perpetual War:

(William Astore) The United States is now engaged in perpetual war with victory nowhere in sight.  Iraq is chaotic and scarred. So, too, is Libya. Syria barely exists. After 15 years, “progress” in Afghanistan has proven eminently reversible as efforts to rollback recent Taliban gainscontinue to falter. The Islamic State may be fracturing, but its various franchises are finding new and horrifying ways to replicate themselves and lash out. Having spent trillions of dollars on war with such sorry results, it’s a wonder that key figures in the U.S. military or officials in any other part of America’s colossal national security state and the military-industrial complex (“the Complex” for short) haven’t spoken out forcefully and critically about the disasters on their watch.

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My Commentary: Not exactly rocket science, and yet, it still remains an ever-elusive concept to most, somehow…

Wikileaks Confirms that US Allies Are Supporting ISIS

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Hillary in WikiLeaks Leaked Email: US Allies Are Supporting ISIS:

(James Holbrooks) According to a recent WikiLeaks disclosure, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has known since at least August of 2014 that U.S. allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been supporting the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radical groups in the Middle East and North Africa.

In an August 17 email sent from Clinton to her campaign chairman, John Podesta, Clinton outlined a plan to tackle ISIS in Iraq in Syria and suggested the U.S. should use military advisors to train Kurdish forces in lieu of a ground campaign.

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My Commentary: No surprise, if you’ve been paying attention…
Who wants to play “connect the dots”?
(It’ll be fun! I promise! 😉 )

US-Armed, Trained & Funded Mujahideen Becomes Maktab Al-Khidamat (MAK), Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) Terrorist Groups:

Truth In Media: Origin Of ISIS:

How the US Fueled the Rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

Made in the USA: Report Shows ISIS Using US Arms from ‘Syria Rebels’:

Majority of American Tax Dollars Used to Fund Endless Wars of Aggression and Crimes Against Humanity:

Good times, eh? Just remember: the American government’s endless wars of aggression, crimes against humanity, and various other forms of terrorism aren’t just going to fund themselves, tax-slaves! Better pay your “fair share,” or you’ll be locked in a cage!

But, hey… I’m just a crazy, paranoid, un-American “conspiracy theorist,” on another ridiculous rant… Don’t listen to my nonsense! 😉

Neo-Con War-Vampire, Jennifer Rubin, Foams at the Mouth for Murderous Destruction of Middle East and Russia

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Neo-Con War-Vampire, Jennifer Rubin

Neo-Con War-Vampire, Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin: Hillary Must Stop Peace With Iran at All Costs!:

(Daniel McAdams) After anxiously and incessantly angling for a hardcore neoconservative to take the Republican presidential nomination, the Washington Post’s online blogger Jennifer Rubin has made the long journey home. Rebuffed by Republican voters who selected Donald Trump as their candidate, Rubin’s gunpowder breath is now desperately seeking Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s ear.

Her message? This damned Iran deal is improving US/Iran relations and that is completely intolerable. “Hillary: Please bomb something over there,” Rubin screeches, in her latest installment of the neocon chronicles.

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My Commentary: War-vampire…

Discussing the Origins of ISIS in Light of the Recent Beirut, Lebanon Suicide Bombing

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Emily T.: A Day Before the Paris Attack, Suicide Bombers Killed 43 in Beirut:

“A day before the Paris attacks that left at least 120 dead and the country in lockdown, suicide bombings in Beirut on Thursday left 43 dead and 239 wounded. According to a terrorist who survived, the attack was reportedly carried out by an ISIS cell sent to Lebanon from the group’s stronghold in Syria.

The explosions took place in the southern part of the city near a busy open-air market in the Bourj al-Barajneh district. A number of ISIS-linked Twitter accounts have claimed responsibility for the attack, though nothing could be independently confirmed, according to CNN.”

Donna M.: actually…outside of the USA… we did hear about it.

Erica D.: I’ve heard that European media is more likely to cover violence (both domestic and foreign) that has targeted primarily people of color.

Kathleen L.: Yes- when no white people are killed white people are much less concerned

Yaacoub H.Lest we forget Emily 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇫🇷🇺🇸

Kis B.: Kenya was an error for some reason it came up in a few places as breaking news but it happening in April.

Rayn: Interestingly enough, not a single Individual feels that the origins of ISIS are worth mentioning, either.

Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS:

Here’s some other helpful articles:

How the US Fueled the Rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

Made in the USA: Report Shows ISIS Using US Arms from ‘Syria Rebels’:

This is The Hegelian Dialectic, in action: PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.

Emily T.: We always seem to arm and support people who later turn out to be terrible, or who we decide we don’t like, don’t we?

Kis B.: I think because this was well known and reported when they emerged and a lot of discussion about how time and time again the US has dropped off weapons to aid their goal for them to wind up in the hands of terrorists.

The much better missiles fired at Israel last summer were all of US providence. Dropped of en massed to prolong the Arab Spring. They had never previously been able to boast they could hit any house in Israel and barring the iron dome the could. If they had wanted to they could have hit other countries too.

So I wondered why no one asked the logical question in a summer where Obama changed his mind so often where was the why would you destroy a country looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction and not at least come pick up the dangerous crap you leave behind..

The second pressing question was why was John Kerry hovering around in Europe trying to broker peace when Egypt was filling that role.

Molly K.: I did hear about it in Sacramento, but we often hear about things like this that the rest of the country doesn’t seem to – I wonder if it’s because we’re so much more diverse than a lot of cities (apparently, we’re the most diverse city in the country, or close to)

Stephen H.: So sad