Criminal Cops, Protected by Color of Law

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Former Romulus Police Chief Michael St. Andre

Former Romulus Police Chief Michael St. Andre

Ex-Romulus Police Chief Pleads Guilty In Corruption Case:

A former Romulus police chief awaiting trial in July on corruption charges has pleaded guilty to racketeering, embezzlement and misconduct charges.

Michael St. Andre made the pleas Wednesday at a hearing in Wayne County Circuit Court, where he was scheduled to go on trial this summer. Judge Michael Hathaway is scheduled to sentence him Oct. 17. The racketeering charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors say the chief and a group of five detectives used more than $100,000 in drug forfeiture money to pay for prostitutes, alcohol and marijuana, and to buy a tanning salon for the chief’s wife, Sandra Vlaz-St. Andre.

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My Commentary: Criminals, protected by color of law…

Another Round of American Fascism, Exposed!

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American Police State victim, Jmyha Rickman, a student at Lovejoy Elementary School in Alton, Illinois

Jason R.Girl, 8, Handcuffed and Thrown in JAIL for Two Hours After Throwing Tantrum at Her School:

Rayn: More American Fascism, Exposed! Disgusting!

Chicago Police Raid Home of Anti-NATO Activists, Repeated Call One Tenant a “Commie Faggot”

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

"Dismantle NATO!"

“Dismantle NATO!”

Police Preemptively Raid Apartment & Arrest Activists Ahead of NATO Summit:

() Chicago police have reportedly engaged in a preemptive raid against activists that planned to protest the NATO summit. The raid is believed to have taken place late last night in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

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My Commentary: “Two tenants were handcuffed for more than 2 hours in their living room while police searched their apartment and a neighboring unit, repeatedly calling one of the tenants a ‘Commie f*ggot.’ “

This brain-dead cop must not have gotten the memo:

America For Sale: Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200-Acre ‘China City’ In Michigan: