Man Arrested for Drinking an Iced Tea!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of fellow emcee, Bleeding Heart Bliss…

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Bleeding Heart Bliss: … omg wtf

Man is Arrested for Drinking an Iced Tea:

Amanda S.: Wow… smh

Rayn: What a power-tripping pig! He’s in plain clothes – not uniform, shows no ID to establish his credentials as a law enforcement officer (even upon being later asked for his badge number by his victim), and yet, the arrogant little bottom-feeder actually believes that he has some sort of right to put his filthy hooves all over an innocent man’s property – as though his word alone should be enough to garner blind, faithful compliance to his orders! No one would hand their drink over to a stranger on the street, so why would this worthless tyrant expect anything less in these circumstances? Looks like yet another case of a cop’s ego trumping common sense. As this video clearly establishes, there is a vast difference between a law enforcement officer and a peace officer: one is purely a revenue collector for the state, owing no allegiance to the public he is supposed to serve, eager to escalate any situation he encounters, without any concern for the fact that his actions are creating a public disturbance, while the latter looks to keep the peace, presumes INNOCENCE OVER GUILT, and is ready to de-escalate any particular encounter he engages in with the public! More American Fascism, Exposed!

Bleeding Heart Bliss: I couldn’t have said it any better. Damn right. Power trip indeed. Besides the actual drunk man walking right passed him. Messed up.

Charlene L.: smdh outta control!

Discussing Tavalon’s “TeaTube Episode 6”

The following correspondence originally took place here, within the public Facebook group, “Tavalon Tea“…

Chris C.: TeaTube Episode 6 – Chillin’ with Iced Tea. Tea Sommelier Chris Cason keeps it cool explaining how to make the best iced tea, and then takes on the Golden Arches and others, coming up with better, healthier and less expensive versions of their signature iced teas. For more information, check out

Tavalon TeaTube: Episode 6:

Diane F.: Love the bling! Ice, Ice, Baby!

Rayn: Great video! Very informative, as usual! And, amusing, as well! Skillz!

I like your title as “Tea Sommelier.” I’ve always wondered if there was a special word to describe what you do. I used to be a “barista,” making and serving espresso, so I figured that the Tea World would also be using Romantic language in order to create that Olde World feeling.

Hannah C.: I love these. Keep ’em brewing.

Chris C.: Thanks!

Gary L.: Love the video. Just one question: How high were you for the bling segment?

Chris C.: High tea?

Elizabeth V.: fantastic opening and closing shots! Your camera gal was great!

Debbie C.: mmm that peach iced tea sounds yummy

Sarah C.: Very informative and entertaining as usual 🙂 Love the Mc Nasty comment!