Discussing America’s Fallacious War on Drugs, and its Connection to the Prison Industrial Complex

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Afghan Opium Kingpin On CIA Payroll“…

Ahmed Karzai

Ahmed Karzai

Rayn: Afghan Opium Kingpin On CIA Payroll:

While some would call Ahmed Karzai, brother of Aghanistan President Hamid Karzai, a drug-smuggling Opium Kingpin, our CIA prefers the term “employee.”

Rene C.Wow, Ken was telling me the other day that our soldiers are guarding opium fields in Afghan. Yeah fighting a war on terrorism my ass. Our Government is so corrupt and money hungry. I don’t see that changing the greed is widespread though out.

Rayn: Our soldiers are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It’s no secret. Back in 2006, a friend of mine in the Army sent me pictures of British troops doing that exact same thing. Here is one of them:

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

And, opium isn’t the only drug our government is dealing in! Remember that CIA plane that went down over the Yucatan two years ago carrying 3.2 TONS OF COCAINE!? Allow me to refresh your memory:

New Document Provides Further Evidence That Owner of Crashed Cocaine Jet Was a U.S. Government Operative:

Cocaine Jet That Crashed in Mexico Part of Cowboy Government Operation, DEA Sources Claim:

We should rename the CIA  from “Central Intelligence Agency” to “Cocaine Importation Agency”!

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