Overuse of Vaccines and Anti-Flu Drugs Lend to Creation of Superbugs

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Manufacturing Superbugs

Manufacturing Superbugs

Overuse of Vaccines, Anti-Flu Drugs May Result in Human Calamity:

(Bill SardiLewRockwell.com) – Disease researchers have begun modeling how a future H1N1-09 swine-flu outbreak would spread throughout the world and have come up with some troubling scenarios. Infectious disease experts are beginning to describe modern efforts to quell seasonal and epidemic influenza with vaccines and anti-viral drugs using wording like “potentially dangerous,” “worrisome,” and “may do more harm than good.”

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My Commentary: While governments around the world are stockpiling vaccines & anti-viral drugs in response to the World Health Organization’s recent classification of the current H1N1 swine flu outbreak as a “pandemic,” some researchers believe that this approach is “potentially dangerous,” “worrisome,” & “may do more harm than good.” Studying actual cases of flu outbreaks in China & Mexico, scientists discovered that the introduction of mass vaccinations into the equation PROMOTED THE EMERGENCE OF VARIANT STRAINS of the original virus, rendering their vaccines useless!

Researchers also studied the use of anti-viral drugs like “Tamiflu” to treat infection. “In real numbers, not a simulation, the prevalence of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 flu cases across Europe increased gradually over time, from near 0 in week 40 of 2007 to a startling 56% in week 19 of 2008.” The Mayo Clinic NOW SUGGESTS taking TWO ANTI-VIRAL DRUGS SIMULTANEOUSLY IF INFECTED – to prevent the emergence of drug-resistant virus strains!

Baxter, the Company Responsible for “Accidentally” Contaminating “Vaccines” With Deadly Avian Flu, Seeks Swine Flu Sample to Begin Work On Vaccine

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Baxter Seeks Swine Flu Sample

Baxter Seeks Swine Flu Sample

Baxter Seeks Swine Flu Sample to Begin Work On Vaccine:

(Bruce JapsenChicago Tribune) – With world health officials worried about the global outbreak of another deadly virus, Deerfield-based Baxter International Inc. once again finds itself involved in the action.

Baxter confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus that is blamed for scores of deaths in Mexico and has emerged as a threat in the U.S.

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My Commentary: It has only been a little over a month since the pharmaceutical company, Baxter International, was caught red-handed attempting to distribute Influenza vaccines contaminated with deadly live Avian Flu Virus to 18 different countries around the world. It was soon discovered by INDEPENDENT MEDIA SOURCES that Baxter International just so happens to own the rights to “Celvapan,” the world’s first cell-culture based H5N1 (avian flu) pandemic vaccine! So, why on Earth would Baxter be chosen to head efforts for the creation of a Swine Flu Vaccine? And, why, in our right minds, would we allow this despicable company obtain a sample of the swine flu virus? This is a chilling exercise in what BIG PHARMA “medicine” is really all about: MANUFACTURING DISEASE, then PROFITING from a MONOPOLISTIC, PATENTED “CURE.” When is enough enough? When will we FINALLY DECIDE TO STOP these SOULLESS, PARASITIC, VAMPIRE-COMPANIES from FEEDING OFF OF OUR HUMANITY!?