The Racist History of America’s “Gun Control” Laws

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No Guns for Negroes:

My Commentary: Exactly! I’ve written about this, too. Here’s some tidbits from my article August 2014, “Ain’t No Half-Stepping in the Battle for Freedom!“:

With all of the recent talk about the KKK, no mention of them would be complete without discussion of the vital role that GUN CONTROL played as a unifying and rallying cause that catapulted them into the role of a nationwide, racist, terrorist group!

The Klan’s Favorite Law:

Is Gun Control Racist?

Isn’t it interesting to see the Democrats – the same party that directly-supported slavery in past – taking up the racist cause of gun control so feverishly, and for so long?

Democratic Party Supported Slavery:

Lincoln Was America’s FIRST Republic President, After Splitting from Democratic Party Over Expansion of Slavery:

But, the complete truth is that US gun control has ALWAYS had racist origins…

The Racist Roots of Gun Control:

The Secret History of Guns:

Much Like His Predecessor, Obama is a Professional Actor, and a Pure Political Parasite

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted artwork being shared by the page, “Statism is a Religion“…


"The two faces of a sociopath 1. Cries for child victims of gun violence 2. Murders children with drone bombs"

“The two faces of a sociopath
1. Cries for child victims of gun violence
2. Murders children with drone bombs”

Greg C.: Nice dentures Barrack you fake ass actor. You cry about guns like white people shouldn’t be allowed to have them. You didn’t cry when ISIS was beheading Christian children though – did you? You damn phony. You told 60 minutes you could win a 3rd term but the majority of this country despises you. I think Donald Trump or Cruz would give you the beating of your life in the next election. America can’t wait till you wave good bye and jet with that wife of yours…

Rayn: He’s definitely a straight-up actor, like his predecessor. Pure political parasites!

"Vote for Nobody *Nobody will keep elections promises *Nobody will listen to your concerns *Nobody will help the poor & destitute *Nobody cares about you & your family Nobody tells the truth."

“Vote for Nobody:
*Nobody will keep elections promises
*Nobody will listen to your concerns
*Nobody will help the poor & destitute
*Nobody cares about you & your family
Nobody tells the truth.”


Traitorous Trash-Bags at New York Times Rag Shill for Yet More Failed “Gun Control” Laws

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

"The New York Times: All the Bias That Fits the Left"

“The New York Times: All the Bias That Fits the Left”

End the Gun Epidemic in America:

(New York Times, All decent people feel sorrow and righteous fury about the latest slaughter of innocents, in California. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are searching for motivations, including the vital question of how the murderers might have been connected to international terrorism. That is right and proper.

But motives do not matter to the dead in California, nor did they in Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut and far too many other places. The attention and anger of Americans should also be directed at the elected leaders whose job is to keep us safe but who place a higher premium on the money and political power of an industry dedicated to profiting from the unfettered spread of ever more powerful firearms.

It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. These are weapons of war, barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: While the traitorous trash-bags at the New York Times* publish a front-page editorial shilling for a partial disarmament of all peaceful, gun-owning Americans in the name of fighting the perpetual, government-controlled “crisis” called the “war on terrorism,” sadly, a number of voting slobs are actually cheering them on!

Interestingly enough, the professional liars who write for this rag have NEVER run a front-page editorial calling for a similar disarmament of America’s OVER-MILITARIZED and MURDEROUS POLICE FORCES. Critical thinking would dictate that such an article is LONG OVERDUE for publishing, but alas, there is none to be found!

But, hey… THIS is what manipulating the masses is all about: narrowly framing the debate of major and complex issues into predetermined, easily-controllable positions, and manufacturing mass consent using the problem-reaction-solution formula of The Hegelian Dialectic.

Well, here’s a NEWS FLASH: it will take GUNS to enforce “gun control” laws!

And, here’s a REALITY CHECK: those who want to disarm their fellow citizens in any way, and yet, don’t desire the exact same thing for police, ARE NOT AT ALL “ANTI-GUN”! Rather, these types represent the WORST kind of PRO-GUN “NUT-JOB”: the DANGEROUSLY DELUSIONAL, PRO-ESTABLISHMENT BOOT-LICKER!

Finally, here’s some REAL TALK: the current “gun control” agenda being continuously shoved down the throat of the American public is not at all “progressive,” not the slightest bit “humanitarian,” nor even remotely “peaceful”! It is the intentional, strategic, preemptive removal of any and all domestic resistance to the eagerly overreaching tentacles of US government kraken!

*Note that the The New York Times is, indeed, the same worthless mainstream media monopoly source that continuously publishes disinformation in order to assist the rogue Federal government of US in the commission of Crime against peace in regards to Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, so it’s really no surprise that they continue to betray the American people in order to help the US government consolidate more power, in the name of whatever straw-boogie-man is created to instill the necessary fear…

New York Times Admits it Pushed Fabricated Evidence About Iraq, Syria and Ukraine:

Discussing San Bernardino Shooting

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Natalie M…

Natalie M.: The wicked have no value for life, they will do anything to advance their agenda.

Witness Describes the San Bernardino Shooting:

RaynArguments for Gun Control Are Transparent Excuses to Disarm Intended Victims:

Rayn: Exceptionalism: Ensuring that History Continues to Repeat Itself:

Dove S.: Sharing…I knew I wasn’t crazy. First reports described the shooters as white men in military gear. This always happens when these incidents first occur…first reports come out and then the media has time to construct the narrative they need!

Discussing Statism as the Ultimate Cult Religion of Slavery and Murder

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Statism Represents the Ultimate Cult Religion of Slavery and Murder!“…


“Governments murdered 262,000,000 disarmed civilians in the 20th Century. Anti-Statism is a life-saver.”

Statism Is Slavery, Statism is a Religion and Statism Is A Cult! It’s time to finally start Unbelieving Statism!

“Statism: the belief that you require permission to be free.”
(Artwork originally located
here, upon the Facebook page, “We The Individuals“)

To Withdraw Consent, Vacate The Vote and embrace natural-born Individual sovereignty!

Understand The Liberty Principle: No Consent from the Governed! We the Individuals must accept Voluntaryism and The Non-Aggression Principle, as they truly represent peaceful liberty, which is The Art of Not Being Governed! No Government, Know Peace!

People for Anarchy, Voluntaryism, Non-Aggression, and Liberty!

“Mass shootings? Governments are the undisputed heavyweight champions of them.”
(Artwork originally located 
here, upon the Facebook page, “Rewilding – Anarchism“)

And, please, please, please, DO NOT let horizontal enforcement from the Critical thinking-free majority sway you from following your own conscience, here! Fully Vacate The State with a Vote for Nobody, and you’ll NEVER LOOK BACK! Your “VOTE” represents nothing more than your ACTIVE CONSENT to a system of LIES, THEFT, VIOLENCE, KIDNAPPING, SLAVERY, GENOCIDE and DEATH-WORSHIP, since its VERY INCEPTION! For the sake of your JUSTICE-AND-PEACE-LOVING SOUL, finally, finally, finally SAY NO, already!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!
You’ve Got to Stop Voting:

Here’s just a TASTE of the article, “South Africa endured many years of violence under the Apartheid regime. Many people and countries worldwide boycotted Apartheid, but the US government insisted on supporting the Apartheid regime, saying that while the US abhorred Apartheid, the regime was the legitimate government of South Africa. Then the Apartheid regime held another election. No more than 7% of South Africans voted. Suddenly everything changed. No longer could the US or anyone else say that the Apartheid regime had the consent of the governed. That was when the regime began to make concessions. Suddenly the ANC, formerly considered to be a terrorist group trying to overthrow a legitimate government, became freedom fighters against an illegitimate government. It made all the difference in the world, something that decades more of violence could never have done.”Read the rest, and your heart will thank you!

Rebekah P.: I do not, will not, cannot consent worship of the warship