New Details Emerge on CIA’s Use of Nazi War Criminals

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War Criminal Adolph Eichmann Testifies at Nuremburg Trials

War Criminal Adolph Eichmann Testifies at Nuremburg Trials

Documents Shed Light on C.I.A.’s Use of Ex-Nazis:

(New York Times) The Central Intelligence Agency took no action after learning the pseudonym and whereabouts of the fugitive Holocaust overseer Adolf Eichmann in 1958, according to C.I.A. documents that shed new light on the spy agency’s use of former Nazis as informers after World War II.

The C.I.A. was told by West German intelligence that Eichmann was living in Argentina under the name “Clemens” — a slight variation on his actual alias, Klement — but kept the information from Israel because of German concerns about exposure of former Nazis in the Bonn government, according to Timothy Naftali, a historian who examined the documents. Two years later, Israeli agents abducted Eichmann in Argentina and took him to Israel, where he was tried and executed in 1962.

The Eichmann papers are among 27,000 newly declassified pages released by the C.I.A. to the National Archives under Congressional pressure to make public files about former officials of Hitler’s regime later used as American agents. The material reinforces the view that most former Nazis gave American intelligence little of value and in some cases proved to be damaging double agents for the Soviet K.G.B., according to historians and members of the government panel that has worked to open the long-secret files.

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My Commentary: Be sure to fully research “OPERATION PAPERCLIP” in order to understand the complex and cozy relationship between our government and certain outlaws within the Nazi party after World War II. Learn how the CIA used American tax dollars to hire full-blown Nazi war criminals to positions of power, placing them on the government payrolls under assumed identities. And, our government not only helped certain Nazis escape prosecution, they also falsified immigration documents for them, and even whisked some them to safehaven within the United States and South America!

Man-Made Laws Are False, Contradictory, Unfair and Adversarial to Individuality!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Matt K…

"The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws." - Tacitus

“The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws.” – Tacitus

Matt K.: If there is no victim, why is it a crime?

Rayn: Because the man-made laws we are subject to are completely false, contradictory, unfair and adversarial to INDIVIDUALITY! Under them, we are ALWAYS GUILTY, until PROVEN INNOCENT!! For example, even our so-called “legal” OBLIGATION to carry ID in this country is because we are ALL being ACCUSED of IDENTITY THEFT, and must therefore PROVE that we ARE who we REALLY ARE!

In reality, our current “legal” system is the equivalent of stacking more excrement onto a gigantic pile of excrement! The more this system blatantly fails us, the harder it works to cover it’s errors, and feign present perfection, refusing to relinquish the unwarranted POWER that they have usurped over our INDIVIDUALITY! Our system can best be symbolized by a snake eating its own tail – also known as an ouroboros!

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Being Governed by Your Inferiors…

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jordan K…

"Plato: 427 -347 BCE"

“Plato: 427 -347 BCE”

Jordan K.: One of the consequences of refusing to participate in [censored] is that you end up being governed by your [censored].

Rayn: Plato understood the true power of the Republic, and knew the dangers of the citizenry becoming disinterested in politics!

Jordan K.: lol i was wondering if anybody would know who wrote that but i shoulda known!

Rayn: No doubt! To be fair, though, I’ve had a picture of this quote saved inside of my computer for years now (along with many others).

American Government, or Individual Sovereignty?

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"Structural Corruption"

“Structural Corruption”

Anthony T.: This country is pretty messed up, but do you know of a better alternative?

Rayn: Being forced to choose between flawed government systems creates the “FALSE PARADIGM.” Here’s another alternative: How about INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!? It may not be available right now, but that doesn’t remove it as an alternative, or eliminate it as reasonable way of life! This is vastly superior to being a SLAVE! And, if that answer doesn’t suit you, here’s another alternative: Switzerland. For one, the taxes very reasonable. Unlike here, where everyone but the rich pays 30.8%, almost no one pays over 30% (this is why the rich keep their money in Swiss Banks). Their policies make them one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product. Out of their three global cities, Zürich & Geneva have respectively been ranked as having the first and second highest quality of life in the world! Also, as all men are required to join the militia, and must keep their service guns in their home, crime is very low! And, unlike America, the Swiss remain neutral unless attacked!

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British Government Report Proposes Use of Bio-Weapons To Solve Non-Existent “Overpopulation”

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Biological Warfare Training

Biological Warfare Training

Government Report: Bio-Weapons Could Be Used To Combat Overpopulation:

(Paul Joseph A British government Ministry of Defence report outlines a nightmare future society in which the population are forced to accept brain chips, immigration and urbanization ravages communities, class warfare ensues, and biological and neutron weapons are used to combat overpopulation.

The MoD’s Development, Concepts & Doctrine Center drew up the document to crystallize the “future strategic context” likely to face Britain’s armed forces, according to a report in the London Guardian today.

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My Commentary: Interestingly enough, the systematic demonization and criminalization of hemp by the governments of the world has been the ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS of projecting the pseudo-scientific Malthusian myth of “overpopulation.”

Overpopulation refers to the exceeding of certain threshold limits of population density when environmental resources fail to meet the requirements of individual organisms regarding shelter, nutrition and so forth. It gives rise to high rates of mortality and morbidity.”

In other words, “overpopulation” should not be confused with “overcrowding” because it is not a condition that is determined by a simple measure of available living space. There are many other environment factors at play, as well. A very easy way to understand “overpopulation” is that it occurs in a system where resources are being consumed by a population faster than they are being restored, or where pollution is being emitted by a population faster than it can filtered.

According to Wiki, “the resources to be considered when evaluating whether an ecological niche is overpopulated include clean water, clean air, food, shelter, warmth, and other resources necessary to sustain life.”

With clean water, clean air and food production understood as the most vital resources considered in determining whether “overpopulation” exists in a particular system of individuals, it is time to place focus on those things that strain these resources. Industrialization, Urbanization, Deforestation, and Soil Erosion are the four human practices most destructive to the purity of water, air and food. And, interestingly, the by-far largest contributors to these conditions are cotton and timber industries, along with the sweetheart government policies that keep them all together in business. Combining their efforts, these three soulless entities have worked dilligently to practically completely outlaw HEMP production throughout the entire world in order to create monopolies for themselves within the paper, fabric and wood industries.

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