Both DNC AND RNC Hand-Selected Which Political Parasite Would be Running for Ruler of America

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RNC head, Reince Priebus

RNC head, Reince Priebus

RNC Head Threatens Cruz, Kasich and Jeb: Get Behind Trump or We Can Make Your Life Miserable:

() On Sunday, Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus made a not-so-veiled threat to GOP officeholders who have failed to back the party’s presidential nominee: Get on the Trump train or get left behind when you run for office again.

Appearing on Face The Nation, Preibus told host John Dickerson that he expects to see big name Republicans who have failed to endorse presidential nominee Donald Trump hit the road and help win the White House.

“I think people need to get outside this Beltway and get on the road,” Priebus explained. “This is probably one of the biggest movements as far as people across this country in modern history.”

Priebus then darkly hinted that failure to fall in line could be costly to the likes of former GOP heavyweight candidates Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and John Kasich who all signed pledges to support the eventual nominee.

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My Commentary: So, both DNC AND RNC hand-selected which political parasite would be running for ruler? Wow! I’m shocked!

The solution to this extreme level of systemic corruption is clear: vote harder, America!

Clarifying a Meme About the GOP Sabotaging Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, in 2012

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a meme being shared by an acquainted from here


"Yeah, if somebody could leak GOP emails from 2012 to show that they are also corrupt enough to rig elections... That'd be great"

“Yeah, if somebody could leak GOP
emails from 2012 to show that they
are also corrupt enough to rig elections…
That’d be great”

Daniel Sv.: That’s a bit of a mis characterization. If there were any emails leaked, you would probably see that the RNC establishment was going out of their way to sabotage Trump. They desperately wanted some establishment candidate, even Ted Cruz (who is part of the establishment, though heavily disliked for his arrogant and brusque style). Remember how they attempted to cancel the Colorado primary and award the delegates to Cruz? The reason why Trump won is that the establishment was fundamentally bankrupt. People were tired of the establishment candidates pandering to topics that had nothing to do with them (abortion, endless wars, fundamentalist Christianity, etc) while signaling tepid support for maintaining the middle class, then when getting elected to chuck those by the wayside and pocket money from Goldman Sachs while continuing on unnecessary wars. People see that the establishment is scared of an outsider candidate like Trump and it’s making them mad with glee.

Rayn: Hmm… I’m not sure if you realize, but this meme actually refers to the RNC rigging of their own primary elections through the systematic disenfranchisement of presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul in (both 2008 and) 2012.