When Celebrities Kneel, or Tweet…

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“Imagine if people got just as mad at the government attacking individual rights through taxation, inflation, the war on drugs, the wars abroad, and the gun bans as when people kneel during the national anthem.” – The Pholosopher

My Commentary: When celebrities kneel, or tweet…

Centralized “Legal” Authority is Humanity’s Worst Enemy

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BART Admits Halting Cell Service to Stop Protests:

(Michael Cabanatuan) BART’s shut-off of subterranean cell phone service in its downtown San Francisco stations may have prevented a protest Thursday, but it sparked accusations Friday that the action stifled free speech and smacked of the kind of government intrusion employed by Middle East dictators.

“All over the world, people are using mobile devices to protest oppressive regimes, and governments are shutting down cell phone towers and the Internet to stop them,” said Michael Risher, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. “It’s outrageous that in San Francisco, BART is doing the same thing.”

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My Commentary: “The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”

Centralized “legal” authority is humanity’s worst enemy.

Being a Mindless Sheep is as Safe and Easy as 1-2-3!

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NSA Whistleblower, William Binney

NSA Whistleblower, William Binney

The Ultimate Goal of the NSA is Total Population Control:

My Commentary: Tinfoil-Hat-Wearing Nut-Job Spreads His Dangerous, Delusional, Extremist, Traitorous, Anti-American, Anti-Government Conspiracy Theories, Overseas … Pathetic!

This is exactly why we need the government to register and license all published speech, like the brilliant Californian Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein suggested!

Dianne Fien(d)stein – First Amendment Is A Special Privilege:

Just remember: even in their infinite wisdom, the Founders still only had mechanical, paper-fed printing presses in their day! And, when they bestowed us lowly serfs with the amazing gifts of free speech and free press, they never could have imagined inventions like DIGITAL MEDIA, the INTERNET, and RADIO!!! Therefore, if the honest and honorable representatives of America’s government truly want to continue the great work that the Founders started, they must finally legislate some common-sense limits into our antiquated system of laws, so that the lunatic fringes of our society can no longer cower behind our obviously obsolete Bill of Rights, while they wreak havoc on the rest of us sane people with impunity! It’s time to give them a taste of PROGRESS!

(See? Being a mindless sheep is as safe and easy as 1-2-3! Yay!)

Dishonorable Judge Belvin Perry’s Tyrannical Crusade Against FACT!

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Mark Schmidter Receives 145 Days In Jail For Freedom Of Speech Due To Judge Belvin Perry:

My Commentary: Self-important scumbag judge, Belvin Perry, attempts to prevent potential jurors from understanding the concept of jury nullification through the issuance of two administrative orders against it, then imprisoning an individual for the “crime” of handing out pamphlets about the subject outside of “his” Florida courthouse… What a disgusting, miserable excuse for a human being! Why should his sickening f*ck-face see the light of day, while the victim of his pathetic, fallacious, arbitrary “order” rots in a prison cell for almost half a year? Let us all work to expose this TYRANNICAL LIZARD, and shame him back underneath the rock he crawled out from!

In Phoenix, First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Individuals Critical of Police State

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Phoenix, Arizona Police Patrol Unit

Phoenix, Arizona Police Patrol Unit

Phoenix Police Raid Home of Blogger Whose Writing is Highly Critical of Them:

(Carlos Miller) – In what should send a frightening chill down the spine of every blogger, writer, journalist and First Amendment advocate in the United States, Phoenix police raided the home of a blogger who has been highly critical of the department.

Jeff Pataky, who runs Bad Phoenix Cops, said the officers confiscated three computers, routers, modems, hard drives, memory cards and everything necessary to continue blogging.

The 41-year-old software engineer said they also confiscated numerous personal files and documents relating to a pending lawsuit he has against the department alleging harassment – which he says makes it obvious the raid was an act of retaliation.

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My Commentary: Would it surprise you to know that, apparently, the First Amendment is reserved ONLY for those citizens that choose NOT to criticize the American Police State? If your answer is “yes,” then you obviously haven’t been paying attention!