The Lesson is Learned Helplessness…

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Cameron McDonald and mother

Florin High Teen Suspended for Fighting Back Against Bullies, Mom Says:

(Liz Kreutz) Cameron, who has physical and mental disabilities, including a paralyzed left arm, said he was attacked by classmates, Friday afternoon near Florin High in Sacramento, that caused him to get a concussion. McDonald said the Elk Grove Unified School District showed her a video of the incident, which, according to her, showed Cameron fighting back in self-defense.

The school district said the school has a zero-tolerance policy for violence and that if a student is attacked, he or she should just walk away and tell someone.

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My Commentary: Learned helplessness…

Discussing the Highly Historically-Inaccurate Portrayal of the Life of Slave Rebel, Nat Turner, in the Film, “The Birth of a Nation”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “‘The Birth of a Nation’ Presents a Highly Historically-Inaccurate Portrayal of the Life of Slave Rebel, Nat Turner”

"The Birth of a Nation"

“The Birth of a Nation”

Rayn: *sigh* What a waste of an opportunity… It figures…

“The Birth of a Nation” Is an Epic Fail:

Tammy S.: I had such high hopes. Your cousins are going to see it today… I can’t wait to hear their opinion.

“The Birth of a Nation” Presents a Highly Historically-Inaccurate Portrayal of the Life of Slave Rebel, Nat Turner

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…


“The Birth of a Nation”

“The Birth of a Nation” Is an Epic Fail:

(Leslie M. Alexanderfirestorm of controversy has swirled around Nate Parker and his film The Birth of a Nation in the two months since several media outlets revealed that Parker and his co-author, Jean McGianni Celestin, stood trial for raping a young woman in 1999. Across the country, social media lit up as people debated Parker’s guilt, questioned whether to boycott the film, and expressed outrage about violence against women. As the storm raged, however, one critical issue went ignored. No one questioned the fundamental value or quality of the film. Based on the standing ovations it received at the Sundance Film Festival, we assumed that The Birth of a Nation was inherently valuable, inspirational, educational, and transformative.

We were wrong.

The Birth of a Nation claims to tell the true story of Nat Turner, leader of the bloodiest slave rebellion in United States history. A film on Turner is long overdue, and as a professional historian of the black experience in the nineteenth century, I have anxiously awaited one. I was especially encouraged by September’s issue of Vanity Fair, in which Parker stated that he had become “obsessed with the idea of telling Nat Turner’s story” and that he sought to create “historical fidelity in his depiction of the leader of the rebellion.”

After attending an advance screening of the film, however, I now know that Parker failed miserably in his mission. Contrary to his promises of “historical fidelity,” Parker created a deeply flawed, historically inaccurate movie that exploits and distorts Nat Turner’s story and the history of slavery in America. Nearly everything in the movie—ranging from Turner’s relationship with his family, to his life as a slave, and even the rebellion itself—is a complete fabrication. Certainly the film contains sprinklings of historical fact, but the bulk of Parker’s story about the rebellion is fictitious: Nat Turner did not murder his owner, nor did he kill a slave patroller. Turner’s rebellion was not betrayed by a young boy, or by anyone else involved in the revolt.

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My Commentary: *sigh* What a waste of an opportunity… It figures…

Prepare Thyself for the Infowars!

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“This is WAR. You’ve got to be ready at any point and time.”

My Commentary: Prepare thyself!

(note: though I previously shared this quote in June of 2012, within my post, “With the Breath of Our Lips, We Shall Slay the Wicked!,” I still felt compelled to offer up an alternative commentary when I saw it again, due to the inspiring nature of these words)

Basic Self-Defense Steps for Women

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jonas A., after he shared artwork from here...

Jonas A.: Basic moves…make it count!!!

“If you ‘share’ this image, it may save dignity of at least one girl in this world. Kindly share this 🙂 This could save someone’s life. Please share it.”

Eric S.: You should kick the balls first.

Rayn: A better step five would be a Shoryuken to the grill-piece! 🙂

Jonas A.: haha…right!

Chava L.: Step one makes him look like a zombie ,so maybe instead she should cut off his head.

Steve C.: What happens is because most men do not want to hurt or strike a woman they raise their forearms to defend themselves from the womens repeated blows and this starts to really hurt so they try to grab the womens arms with both hands to stop the strikes and the women wins the game of chess by launching a massive head butt dropping the man to the ground. Game over.

Eric K.: dream on…A head-butt is actually a difficult move – i’ve had it tried against me – if you screw it up – and my attacker did – you leave your face very exposed to a couple of fists. I think next time the guy will try a different tactic.