Most Philadelphians Evade Illegitimate Soda Tax

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Drink Taxes Damage the Economy and Do Nothing to Cut Sugar Intake:

(Susan Neely) The start of the new year means new resolutions for millions of Americans. These include resolutions to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and save money. In Philadelphia, local leaders set their own goals last January to curb obesity and raise revenue through a new tax on non-alcoholic beverages. But like so many New Year’s resolutions, the Philadelphia beverage tax fell short of the promises local officials made to consumers.

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My Commentary: Whoa! Turns out that most Philadelphians are tax-evading criminals, who prefer to “steal” from the “public,” rather than pay their “fair share”! LOL!

Multiple Students at George Mason University Fail to Identify Vice President Joe Biden, and Former-President, Ronald Reagan

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Janelle F.: Congrats on being a complete fucking fool.

Politifact – Dumbing Down of America:

Bronx J.: Biden doesn’t have shades on, trick question

Rick Z.: that is just sad

Rayn: Not surprising…

Only 36 Percent of Americans Can Name the Three Branches of Government:

John C.: That’s…that’s…what the hell are they teaching in civics classes!?

Discussing CAPTCHA Fail…

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “CAPTCHA FAIL!“…

Rayn: What the fuzz!? Really!? This popped up when I tried to access a video that was posted onto CAPTCHA FAIL!!!

“skynet watches”

Allison H.: At least you kept your language in check! Rock on, Rayn, rock on!

Arielle K.: im not good with this stuff at all but did you try a space between the “s” & “kynet”? thought it might be worth a try

Rayn: Thanks for the advice, Arielle. 🙂 However, I had no trouble accessing the video using the words you see above. It’s the CAPTCHA phrase, itself, that registered as a FAIL to me. Have you ever seen any one of The Terminator movies before? I ask this because it may help you recall precisely what Skynet is, which would then shed some light on why I would find such a CAPTCHA phrase disturbing enough to screenshot and post onto my FB wall.

Arielle K.: oh sh*t lol! thanks for diplomacy in my haste. got ya.

Allison H.: Disturbed!