CNN Analyst Lies About American Police State in Effort to Condemn Brazilian Guards Who Aimed Guns at Olympian Ryan Lochte

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Law enforcement analyst, Art Roderick

Law enforcement analyst, Art Roderick

‘We Don’t Do That Here in the US’: CNN Analyst rips Brazilian Guards for Pulling Guns on Ryan Lochte:

() Appearing on CNN, a former U.S. Marshals director questioned a Brazilian guard’s actions after getting into a scuffle with four U.S. Olympic swimmers, suggesting that pulling a gun on a suspect or a criminal is not something that happens in the U.S.

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My Commentary: Liar.

Exceptionalism: Ensuring that History Continues to Repeat Itself

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"Turn in Your Weapons... The Government Will Take Care of You"

“Turn in Your Weapons… The Government Will Take Care of You”

My Commentary: Exceptionalism: ensuring that history will continue to repeat itself…