In 2016, War Hawk, Obama, Beats His Previous Bombing Record

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Swan Song from a “Reluctant” Hawk:

(Gene Healy) President Obama will deliver his Farewell Address tonight to a capacity crowd in Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center. It’s the right venue for the speech, the president explained last week, because Chicago is “where my career in public service began.”

Indeed, it’s the city where, as a young state senator in 2002, Obama gave an antiwar rally speech railing against the “dumb,” “rash” rush to war in Iraq; and where, as a presidential candidate five years later, he promised to “turn the page on the imperial presidency” and usher in “a new dawn of peace.” And yet, 2008’s “peace candidate” will leave office as the first two-term president in American history to have been at war every day of his presidency, having dropped over 25,000 bombs on seven countries in 2016 alone.

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My Commentary: Or, as his supporters say, “no scandals for eight years.” Pffttt! You can’t make this stuff up!

Perhaps, the war hawk should be awarded another Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts?

Oh, and Obama also prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all previous presidents, combined. Or, as he would call it, “the most transparent administration in history.”

Statists gonna State! Try voting harder, next time, voting cattle! That’ll *really* show the government who’s in charge!

Obama Will Continue Engaging in War Crimes, Unabated, Until the Day He Leaves the White House

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Obama Will Not Roll Back Drone Program Before Trump Takes Office:

Meanwhile, The Guardian is reporting that President Obama will not tighten rules governing the U.S. drone assassination program before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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My Commentary: Surprised? I’m not…

Leftists Are Amused by a “Joke” Meme Involving the American Government’s War Crimes

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Sam B.:

"Biden: Showed Trump the drone strike controls in your top desk drawer Obama: That's an Etch-a-Sketch Biden: Yup"

“Biden: Showed Trump the drone strike controls in your top desk drawer
Obama: That’s an Etch-a-Sketch
Biden: Yup”

(note that upon sharing this meme to his wall, Sam soon receives 9 “likes” and 7 “hahas” from his Facebook friends)

RaynHa! Good one! Super funny! Nothing like a clever joke involving the American government’s War Crimes!

Obama-Led Drone Strikes Kill Innocents 90% of the Time in Afghanistan, in Just a Single Five-Month Campaign:

When combining the officially-acknowledged, yet incomplete, government-reported numbers of casualties from drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, the most modest possible totals show that between 616 – 1,258 civilians were killed, which includes between 186 – 241 children.

Get the Data: Drone Wars:

During Obama’s presidency, between 449 – 926 of the above-mentioned civilians casualties occurred (about 72.9% – 73.6% of the totals), which includes between 80 – 112 children (about 43 % – 46.5% of the totals). This is just more bipartisan criminality taking place in the ludicrous, endless “War on Terror.”

Oh, and this doesn’t even include US drone operations occurring in Iraq, Libya and Syria…

US Drone Strikes Could be Classed as War Crimes, Says Amnesty International: 

America’s War of Aggression Against Yemen Escalates from Years of Covert Drone Bombings to Navy Warship Bombings

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

The USS Mason

The USS Mason

US Enters Yemen War, Bombing Houthis Who Launched Missiles at Navy Ship:

The United States has launched its first strike on Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen in retaliation for days of attacks on a navy warship, becoming an active combatant in a brutal war led by Washington’s ally Saudi Arabia.

The Pentagon announced late on Wednesday that it struck and destroyed three radar sites controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi movement in Yemen. The sites were described as being involved in two missile attacks over the past four days on the destroyer USS Mason, operating out of the Bab al-Mandeb waterway between Yemen and east Africa.

There was no immediate word on any casualties from the US attack on the radar sites, which the Pentagon noted came with the direct authorization of Barack Obama.

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My Commentary: Hmmm… The American government’s been drone bombing Yemen for years, with very little mention about it among the public, and the media, alike (even though we’re all forced to fund it with the tax dollars they extort from us)… And, most sadly and disgustingly, these murderous criminals are now escalating their war of aggression against this sovereign nation, even more… I’m so sick of this completely immoral devilry… Does *anyone* else feel the same? Or, is the lure of being a complacent, comfortably apathetic voting slob just too great to resist for most of y’all?

Obama Ramps Up Covert [Drone] War in Yemen (June 2011 article):

I dream of the day that the scum-sucking, bottom-feeding cowards-that-be are brought before the Hague, to answer for their crimes against humanity… *sigh*

Your Conscience is Clean, America! Obama is Only Dropping “Peace” Bombs on the Middle-East and Africa!

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Barack Obama continues and escalates America's timeless legacy of endless wars

Barack Obama continues and escalates America’s timeless legacy of endless wars

Obama Has Bombed Twice as Many Countries as Bush:

() Every President changes significantly once they’re elected and actually in the White House. It happened to small government conservative George Bush who made speeches about cutting government and a restrained foreign policy in the 90’s. He turned out to be one of the biggest government Republicans in decades by creating new departments, expanding Medicare, starting two wars, and bombing two other countries. His small government beliefs completely evaporated by the time he left office.

Then Barack Obama was elected because of his campaign of hope and change. He won because he ran against the wars and against the big government security state. But, just like Bush, he changed his tune once in office. Obama kept the Iraq War going exactly as long as Bush wanted him to. He followed the timetable that Bush had negotiated to the letter. Obama actually changed Bush’s plan for the Afghanistan War though, by extending it. Obama has promised to keep troops there until 2016, which is two years longer than Bush had originally planned.

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My Commentary: Don’t worry. They were “peace” bombs, so y’all haven’t *really* been supporting a women-and-children-murdering sociopath, committing crimes against humanity for eight solid years. Oh, no. Only Bush is guilty, and Obama merely “inherited” his mess. Your conscience is clean. 🙂

Obama-Led Drone Strikes Kill Innocents 90% of the Time in Afghanistan, in Just a Single Five-Month Campaign:

Whoops! Ignore the article above. It’s irrelevant.

Instead, focus on what’s really important! Continue posting those stats “proving” that Obama has been “saving” the economy… you fucking lizards…