Debating the Eugenics Behind Vaccinations

The following debate originally took place upon my post, “Over a Century of Vaccine Injuries and Deaths in Children

Rayn: Eugenics…

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Jennifer H.: On which side?

Rayn: On the “official” side, like usual…

Rayn: Same target, as usual, too…

Jennifer H.: I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say. Can you clarify?

Rayn: Okay. Read the “product information sheet” for the MMR-II vaccine:

Pay special attention to the sections entitled, “Contraindications,” “Warnings,” “Precautions,” and “Adverse Reactions.”

Also, if you have been previously vaccinated at any time, exactly how many of those times were you, your parents, or guardian, given any sort of product insert to read over *before* making a final decision to “consent”? In my case, I can attest to receiving this information a full 0% of the time, over the course of a fifteen year period, spanning across doctor’s offices in three States, and through over a dozen needle jabs…

Jennifer H.: Literally every time, actually, because that’s what they’re for? I had to sign a consent form to get a flu shot.

Jennifer H.: Not sure what that has to do with eugenics but OK, at least I’m clear on what this is now.

Jennifer H.: If you choose not to read what you’re signing that’s on you. ??

Jennifer H.: So, out of curiosity, what exactly is using the threat of disability as a tool of fear called?

Jennifer H.: It sounds oddly familiar. Hmm…

Rayn: My parents never received one even once, not for myself, nor any of my three siblings. Can’t “choose not to read” what was never provided in two decades of vaccinations, across three States.

Jennifer H.: So the consent forms were…blank?

Jennifer H.: Still waiting for the answer to the original question, but I guess talking about package inserts is way easier than clarifying what “target” you’re talking about.

Jennifer H.: “If I derail enough, everyone will forget this was about eugenics!”

Jennifer H.: I wonder what letting people die of vaccine-preventable disease would be called. ?

Rayn: Using the threat of disability as a tool of fear? By all means, feel free to pontificate away…

Rayn.: “If I derail enough, everyone will forget this was about eugenics!” I knew you were speed-posting for a reason…

Rayn: Derail away… (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

“Good Intentions” Do Not Justify the Ill Effects of Meddling State Bureaucrats

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A Rule Meant to Reduce Neurosurgeon’s Fatigue Went Terribly Wrong:

Richard Menger, a neurosurgery resident at Louisiana State University’s Health Sciences Center, tells a surprising tale in an article for the Foundation for Economic Education: how a rule meant to reduce doctors’ fatigue made neurosurgery less safe.

The rule was made with good intentions. Tired doctors are more likely to make mistakes, so by limiting the hours medical residents are permitted to work in a given week, there should be fewer tired doctors making fewer mistakes.

The good intentions didn’t lead to good results, however…

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My Commentary: “Good intentions” don’t justify the ill effects of such activity…

Medically Raped and Tortured Due to Suspicion of DUI

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

2014-05-30 - Medically Raped and Tortured Due to Suspicion of DUI

Cops Forcefully Catheterize Man to Obtain Urine Sample for Suspicion of DUI:

A motorist whose blood alcohol level was below the legal limit earlier this month filed a $11 million federal lawsuit against Schererville, Indiana for allowing its police force to use a catheter to forcibly obtain a urine sample from him two years ago.

On May 20, 2012, William D. Clark and Alyssa Madson were driving through Schererville on US 30. At around 11pm, Officer Matthew Djukic hit the lights on his squad car and pulled Clark for allegedly speeding.+

Smelling alcohol, Officer Djukic put Clark through field sobriety tests and had him blow into a portable breathalyzer device. A drug sniffing dog was called in to search inside the vehicle, though Clark gave no consent. Officer Djukic claimed Clark blew a 0.11 on the preliminary breath screener, but no evidence was provided when Clark’s attorney, Patrick B. McEuen, filed a discovery request for records last year. Clark insists the claim was fabricated.

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My Commentary: Motorist William D. Clark was pulled over by police for speeding. He was soon given a field sobriety test, as well as a breathalyzer, but the results were apparently (temporarily) inconclusive. So, Mr. Clark was then driven by officers to the hospital, where he voluntarily submitted to a blood test, upon request. When it came back under the legal alcohol limit, police determined that he must also submit to a urine test, as well (though a blood test is, in fact, a much more accurate gauge of blood alcohol levels). Clark agreed, but when he was unable to provide it, even after drinking a cup of water, he asked for a second cup. With this, officers became impatient and held the man down, ordering hospital staff to forcibly catheterize him. Of course, being dutiful little white-gloved slaves, they immediately “followed orders” (like apath scum always do), and unquestioningly seized this man’s genitals and penetrated their medical assault instruments deep into his urethra, accessing his urine in the most excruciatingly painful way, imaginable!

Nope! No cruel and unusual punishment, nor unnecessary use of a medical procedures, here! Not at all! Nothing to see, folks! Move along, now!

And, don’t forget about the time when motorist David Eckert was pulled over by police for engaging a rolling stop on his exit from the Wal-Mart parking lot, where he had just finished shopping. According to the cops, he appeared to clench his buttocks when he was ordered out of his vehicle, so they suspected that he might be smuggling drugs on him. Soon enough, Eckert was brought to medical staff for further examination. The first hospital they went to, located in-county, refused to assist the police, because they found the request unethical. So, they brought him to an out-of-county hospital, completely invalidating their “warrant” (if you can even call something that vague a legitimate one), where medical staff complied with police orders that forcibly x-ray Eckert’s intestines. When no drugs were found, police ordered him digitally probed. Two times, medical staff inserted their fingers into the man’s anus, and explored for drugs, and both times, none were found. Police then ordered Eckert to be force-given an enema, which-upon receiving, was then made to defecate in front of officers and medical staff. When no drugs were found, STILL, he received a second enema, again being made to defecate for the small crowd of sociopathic criminals. Still clean. He was then forced to undergo a second x-raying of his visceral organs. By the time it was midnight, and the half-assed warrant was then expired, Eckert was being prepped and sedated by medical staff for a surgical colonoscopy. Upon completion of the highly invasive procedure, no drugs were found…

David Eckert Appears To Clench His Buttocks; Cops Order Enemas, Colonoscopy, X-Ray For Non-Existent Drugs: