Women Who’ve Chosen Abortion Apparently Have More Right Not to Feel Bad About Their Decision Than Individuals With Down Syndrome Have to Display Happiness About Being Alive

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France Bans Video Showing Happy Down Syndrome Children:

And the reason for the ban is, frankly, appalling:

On November 10th, the French ‘State Counsel’ rejected an appeal made by people with Down syndrome, their families and allies to lift the ban on broadcasting the award winning “Dear Future Mom” video on French television. The ban was previously imposed by the French Broadcasting Counsel. Kids who are unjustly described as a ‘risk’ before they are born, are now wrongfully portrayed as a ‘risk’ after birth too.

The video features a number of young people from around the globe telling about their lives. Their stories reflect today’s reality of living with Down syndrome and aims to reassure women who have received a prenatal diagnosis. Their message of hope takes away the fears and questions these women may have, often based on outdated stereotypes. The video was produced in 2014 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. A day created by Down Syndrome International and officially recognized by the United Nations for the promotion of the human rights of people with Down syndrome.

The State Counsel said that allowing people with Down syndrome to smile was “inappropriate” because people’s expression of happiness was “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.”

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My Commentary: Sick sad world… Some in the world would sooner rewrite reality than to simply accept it… And, of course, the law is on *their* side, like usual.

To think, post-abortion mothers apparently have more right *not* to (possibly) feel bad about a single, personal decision than individuals with Down Syndrome have to show the happiness they feel in merely existing. Fuck eugenics!

Discussing the Claim that Donald Trump Mocked a Disabled New York Times Reporter

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"Damien Owens: As long as I live, I will never understand how this along wasn't the end of it. (Under Fire: Trump Mocks Reporter with Disability - CNN)"

“Damien Owens: ‘As long as I live, I will never understand how this along wasn’t the end of it.’ (Under Fire: Trump Mocks Reporter with Disability – CNN)”

Lisa M.: seriously

Terrence B.: Because he wasn’t mocking a reporter with a disability..

Sara: Although in retrospect, he denied he was making fun of the reporter after the fact, is it a coincidence that the reporter looks like this (see attached photo) and Trump is doing that mocking gesture with his arm in the video:

Trump Mocks Reporter with Disability:

New York Times Reporter, Serge Kovaleski

New York Times Reporter, Serge Kovaleski

I wouldn’t give merit to his version of the truth, T. He’s a politician and a pig.

Terrence B.: I understand but the story I seen didn’t come from him but it was to dispell the Comercial of where we seen him making the gestures.. It was pieced together to show a negative when actually it was in response to the area reporter getting caught out that when asked a question about his meeting Trump… But I agree with you.. Don’t like the man but it is what it is now.

Rayn: Hillary Falsely Accuses Trump of Mocking Disabled Reporter:

While it is *technically* true that he wasn’t mocking this reporter’s disability, and that the mainstream media did a lot to help peddle the idea that he did, Trump isn’t totally innocent, either, as he *does* have a habit of mocking people by repeating their words, often in an exaggerated way, while spastically moving his arms, and continuously shaking his head – sometimes even leaving his mouth wide open when doing so. It is no accident that these happen to be classic symptoms of palsy, such as is presented in certain forms of cerebral palsy and in Parkinson’s disease.

Attacking Individuals With Disabilities is, Indeed, the Lowest Display of Power, Imaginable!

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"Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of." - Morgan Freeman

“Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of.” – Morgan Freeman

Florencia A.: It is

Kim K.: it sure is little one ❤

Rayn: Swine syndrome…

Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability: Report:

State-Worshiping Eugenicist Responsible for Stabbing Murders in Japan

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Why Nobody Gives a Damn About Last Week’s Mass Killing of 19 Disabled People:

(Alice Salles) A deadly knife attack in Japan claimed the lives of 19 people and sent 26 others to the hospital a week ago, yet few major news outlets in the United States picked up the story. Instead of discussing the underlying issues that led to this mass killing or helping the public understand that weapons have little to do with the problem, U.S. outlets often prefer to cover attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists or gun-toting madmen, either to satisfy public demand or to perpetuate editorial preference.

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My Commentary: State-worshiping eugenicist scumbag responsible for stabbing murders in Japan…

Outsider Artists

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Brooke N.Turning the Art World Inside Out – Part 1 of 5:

Minnie, I know you probably can’t see this on the computer. Remind me and we’ll watch it. Rayn, you might want to start watching with the Japanese artists at 8:58 min. or so to save your battery. Gregg, I like the part in Venice about halfway through where the art critics talk about contemporary art being contrived, not spontaneous, not urgent. I think you’re able to use your training in service to being spontaneous and urgent. Worth 14 minutes of my life

Rayn: Very interesting. Thanx for sharing. 🙂