Constitutional Republic Versus Democracy – Inalienable Rights Versus Mob Rule

"Democracy: Two Wolves and a Sheep Voting on What's for Dinner"

“Democracy: Two Wolves and a Sheep Voting on What’s for Dinner”

As with all election seasons I have previously experienced, in these last few days,  I have heard countless individuals paying lip-service to America’s “democracy,” while very few speak of the much more vitally importantrepublic”  that this country was Constitutionally founded upon. Therefore, I’d like to point out a few important facts for consideration:

1) America’s government was never meant to be a pure “democracy.” Instead, it was intended to be a “Constitutional Republic.”

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Discussing My Artwork, “Spreading Democracy…”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my artwork, “Spreading Democracy…“…

Rayn: Created in December of 2008 using Photoshop.

“I’m doing my part to help spread democracy! Are YOU?” (by Rayn)

“I’m doing my part to help spread democracy! Are YOU?”
(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)

Sara: America: Helping spread democracy one explosion at a time! Great work here!

Rayn: Thanx! Democracy at Gunpoint! The American Way!

American Government, or Individual Sovereignty?

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I shared the lyrics to my song, “America“…

"Structural Corruption"

“Structural Corruption”

Anthony T.: This country is pretty messed up, but do you know of a better alternative?

Rayn: Being forced to choose between flawed government systems creates the “FALSE PARADIGM.” Here’s another alternative: How about INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!? It may not be available right now, but that doesn’t remove it as an alternative, or eliminate it as reasonable way of life! This is vastly superior to being a SLAVE! And, if that answer doesn’t suit you, here’s another alternative: Switzerland. For one, the taxes very reasonable. Unlike here, where everyone but the rich pays 30.8%, almost no one pays over 30% (this is why the rich keep their money in Swiss Banks). Their policies make them one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product. Out of their three global cities, Zürich & Geneva have respectively been ranked as having the first and second highest quality of life in the world! Also, as all men are required to join the militia, and must keep their service guns in their home, crime is very low! And, unlike America, the Swiss remain neutral unless attacked!

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