State Maintains Soft Spot for Kiddie Diddlers and Rapists

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Logan Michael Osborn

Man Who Tied Up, Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old Girl Will Serve No Jail Time:

A former Virginia high school student who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl will serve no active prison time, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Logan Michael Osborn, 19, pleaded guilty in September to the charge of having carnal knowledge of the girl. At the time, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with eight years suspended.

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My Commentary: The State has a soft spot for kiddie diddlers and rapists…

Super PAC Looking for a Few Good Shills to Defend Democratic Presidential Candidate, and Corporate Whore, Hillary Clinton

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Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton

A Clinton Super PAC Just Admitted That Pro-Hillary Commenters Are Paid Shills:

() Despite Hillary Clinton’s consultants’ best efforts to make her seem relatable, or even palatable, a plurality of Democrats – and majority of Americans – simply can’t stand her. Look no further than the nearest comment section on news sites covering her campaign. There are always comments about Hillary’s pro-war voting record, her willingness to take big money from Wall Street, and her frequently late-to-the-party stances on social issues. The facts are out in the open for everyone to see and it’s taking quite a toll on the Clinton campaign. As a result, one of Hillary Clinton’s Super-PACs has pledged $1 million to pay for pro-Hillary commenters to respond. That means the next time you see a pro-Hillary commenter there’s a good chance they’re actually a paid shill.

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My Commentary: Super PAC looking for a few good shills, willing to help defend their favorite corporate whore…

Gun-Free Zones Only Enable and Embolden Mass Shooters

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jonas A…

Jonas A.: This dude does have a very good point…that’s why random shooters don’t target police stations….

Concealed Carry + Mass Shooting = More Carnage?:

Rayn:  Gun-Free Zone = Guaranteed 100% Defenseless Victims

“Gun-Free Zone Guaranteed 100% Defenseless Victims”

Brian K.: You seem to assume that guns are the only means of defense

Rielly J.: I myself am a libertarian thus I embrace the non aggression principal so it’s obvious that I support gun ownership. The thing that differentiates the non aggression principal from pacifism is that it does not preclude violence as a form of self defense or the defense of others.

Jonas A.: Very true….weapons of any kind should only be used as self defense…nothing should deviate from my libertarian principles either!

David C.: this dude knows whats up. thanks for sharing this!

Rielly J.: The non aggression principal is even incorporated in to our national seal: the eagle holds 13 arrows (the symbol of war) in one talon and an olive branch in the other and it is looking over the olive branch. We are supposed to be a nation that prefers peace but is comfortable with war (although this is not how we have been since the late 80s)

Jonas A.: You’re most welcome! And yeah, non-aggression as defined by the national seal or our constitution should not be a piece of paper, which is what current admins have been doing since Reagan…