As Expected, Analysis of Recent Mail Bombs So Far Reveals Flawed Non-Explosive Devices

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Some Suspected Mail Bombs Were Not Capable of Exploding, Others Yet to Be Analyzed, Officials Say:

(Jonathan DienstTom WinterPete WilliamsJoe ValiquetteMarc SantiaJennifer Millman and Benjamin Carroll) A nationwide manhunt is underway for the culprit or culprits responsible for targeting critics of President Donald Trump with crudely made mail bombs — some of which investigators say were so flawed were incapable of detonating.

As of Thursday evening — several days after the first device was found at the New York home of billionaire George Soros — there were still no leads on a suspect in the case. It also remains unclear if their builder intended for them to actually explode or were part of some politically motivated hoax.

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My Commentary: As expected…

Mail Bombs Appear to be Crude, Useless Devices

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Law enforcement released x-ray photo of a mail bomb sent to the residence of former president, Barack Obama

New X-Ray Images Reveal How ‘MAGAbomber’ Made Crude Pipe Bombs Out of PVC Tubing and an Amazon Digital Clock Before Stuffing Them with Sulfur and Shards of Glass:

(Jessa Schroeder and Emily Crane) The pipe bombs anonymously sent to the addresses of prominent Democrats across the United States each had matching characteristics, law enforcement officials revealed Wednesday evening.

The crude devices were contrived of PVC tubing attached to a digital clock, available for purchase on Amazon. They included sulfur as explosives and shards of glass as shrapnel.

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My Commentary: Gun powder and shards of glass, inside of a plastic pipe, closed with electrical tape, and wired to a digital clock? Subpoena the ACME Corporation!

People Who Say ‘Fuck’ a Lot…

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Jason R.: People Who Say ‘F*ck’ A Lot Are Hotter And Healthier:

Rayn: Fuck yeah!

Ken R.: So Betty White will never die? Hooray!