Explaining My Public Information Campaign, “American Fascism, Exposed”

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Jason R.: What is American Fascism, Exposed, Rayn?

Rayn: American Fascism, Exposed is the name of public information campaign that I began in September 2009, using various social media outlets. Mainly, I provide clear-cut video evidence of police brutality, and expose the names and faces of the criminal cops responsible…

Check out this page, to get an idea:

NYPD Beat Old Man Blood After He Jaywalked

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Police beating victim, Kang Wong, is escorted into a squad car, while handcuffed

Genaire: Pigs

Cops Leave Elderly Man a Bloody Mess After He Jaywalked:

Brooke N.: Those NYC cops must be dead serious.

Rayn: American Fascism, Exposed

Sha A.: Ftp

Ron K.: Smh

The Most Dangerous Terrorists are Domestic, Wear Blue, and Carry a Badge!

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork, being shared by an acquaintance from here, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Americans Killed in Iraq War Since 9/11: 3,500
Americans Killed by Cops Since 9/11: OVER 5,000″

My CommentaryAmerican Fascism, Exposed

Discussing Audio Recording of Kelly Thomas’ Murder by Police

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted artwork being shared by the page, “TRUTHgasm“…


“I just heard the audio of Kelly Thomas, (a thirty-seven-year-old homeless man who suffered from schizophrenia), being savagely beaten to death by police officers for over nine minutes. He was screaming, “sorry!,” to the cops, but they wouldn’t stop. What really gets me is when he called his father for help.” (“Dad! Dad! Daad!”)

Sara: Heart breaking.

Genaire: Pigs need Death!

Rayn: American Fascism, Exposed

Morgan S.: I read that the Two assniffers I mean officers might be facing Federal Charges.


MURDER: It’s okay when the government does it”
(Artwork by LibertyStickers.com, and originally located here)

Genaire: Actually what needs to happen is people need to take out their anger on these judges that allow these pigs to get away with this shit. If the people actually kill a few of these pigs this behavior will quickly stop.

Diana B.: kill a few pigs? i hate pork, but i wouldn’t stoop to a pigs level 😐

Genaire: Apparently the people won’t get justice in the court rooms, Diana, so what options do we have? I feel the families of these individuals brutalized by these officers should seek retribution. In no way should these acts of violence be allowed to continue. People have a right to defend themselves and the lives of their families.

Diana B.: Thats true Genaire, but if I went and popped off people who fucked me over in some way the whole damn world would be dead! besides, if you trust in a Higher Power, then you have nothing to fear and no need for revenge, knowing in your heart these things will be worked out bc me and you can’t possibly understand how to properly punish these pigs. But Gd does. and will…..

Genaire: Diana, we aren’t talking about being fucked over we are talking about murder. Yes I believe in a higher power but I really don’t see a problem with making sure those responsible for the murder of a relative to face that higher power a little early.

Diana B.: yea i wouldn’t mind myself,. but would u be able to really do that?? i could never kill anything unless it was coming for me and it was self defense!

Diana B.: too bad this guy wasn’t strapped 😐

Genaire: He was mentally disabled.

Genaire: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. ”

Diana B.: mentally disabled is no reason to not have a gun lol! all these killers lately have been maniacs. imagine everyone had a gun wouldn’t that deter some crazy cops???

Genaire: I would love that Diana 🙂

When Government Gets Away With Murder

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “But, Without Government, Who Would Brutally Murder the Homeless?“…

Rayn: But, without government, who would brutally murder the homeless?

“Cops in America… can murder someone on video… and walk free.”

Morgan S.: absolutely did murder that man and they walked free. no protests, no nothing.

RaynAmerican Fascism, Exposed


MURDER: It’s okay when the government does it”
(Artwork by Liberty Stickers, and originally located here)