Cowardly Pig with Little Man Syndrome Violently Asserts “Authority” Over Young Women for Jaywalking

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Seattle Officer Punches Girl in Face During Jaywalking Stop:

Seattle Officer Punches Girl in Face During Jaywalking Stop:

My Commentary: In the above video, a Seattle police officer physically assaults a 19-year-old girl, then punches a 17-year-old girl in the face! What is their original crime? JAY-WALKING!!!

And, remember: questioning the validity of being detained for such an IMAGINARY CRIME has ALWAYS been an offense punishable by arrest! As you can see, in our current American police state, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS are authorized to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY in order to subdue the perpetrators of victimless “crimes.”

Think hard, then UNDERSTAND that JAY-WALKING is a form of PRE-CRIME!!! Big Brother Government has granted itself the AUTHORITY to accuse all INDIVIDUALS it CONTROLS as GUILTY of not being able to properly cross the street!!! Yet, if these young girls were TRULY GUILTY, then they would not have made it across the street without causing a car accident or injury to themselves.

FACE IT!!! Laws made to PRE-EMPTIVELY keep individuals “safe,” without regard or merit to the real-time actions of INDIVIDUAL “CITIZENS” is, IN FACT, a subtle and sinister form of OPPRESSION!!! As with all EMPIRES, our government has slowly and systematically weaseled itself the “RIGHT” to force us to live by the standard of the lowest common denominator of intelligence! If one INDIVIDUAL makes a mistake or a bad decision in this system, THE REST OF US will be PERPETUALLY PUNISHED FOR IT!!! However, in reality, the unfair, unjust “JAYWALKING” laws in America should AT LEAST be modified (if not completely discarded), so that individuals cannot be held accountable for such a so-called “crime” unless they actually obstruct traffic, cause an accident, or get hit by a car, due to their actions.

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