Once Again, Police Murder a Car Accident Victim in Medical Distress

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Car accident victim, Jonathan Ferrell (l), was murdered by Officer Randall Kerrick (r)

Car accident victim, Jonathan Ferrell (l), was murdered by Officer Randall Kerrick (r)

Cop Block: Officer who shot and killed Florida A&M football player seeking help after an accident turns himself in and is charged with manslaughter – Edmond Dantes

Officer on Manslaughter Charge for ‘Killing Unarmed Man’:

Rayn: Sadly, this isn’t the first time that America’s out-of-control police ended up murdering a car accident victim – nor will it be the last, until we finally begin to hold these pigs FULLY accountable for their crimes. Let us never forget what they did to Fouad Kaady!

Cop Hits Skateboarder with Police Vehicle

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GenaireVirginia State Cop Hits Skateboarder:

Rayn: Sickening to the core…. Too bad the surrounding witnesses to this crime didn’t just mob that scum-sucking, mother-fucking, cock-tucking lizard’s patrol unit, drag it out onto the street, and citizen’s arrest it using it’s very own handcuffs!

Man Arrested for Drinking an Iced Tea!

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Bleeding Heart Bliss: … omg wtf

Man is Arrested for Drinking an Iced Tea:

Amanda S.: Wow… smh

Rayn: What a power-tripping pig! He’s in plain clothes – not uniform, shows no ID to establish his credentials as a law enforcement officer (even upon being later asked for his badge number by his victim), and yet, the arrogant little bottom-feeder actually believes that he has some sort of right to put his filthy hooves all over an innocent man’s property – as though his word alone should be enough to garner blind, faithful compliance to his orders! No one would hand their drink over to a stranger on the street, so why would this worthless tyrant expect anything less in these circumstances? Looks like yet another case of a cop’s ego trumping common sense. As this video clearly establishes, there is a vast difference between a law enforcement officer and a peace officer: one is purely a revenue collector for the state, owing no allegiance to the public he is supposed to serve, eager to escalate any situation he encounters, without any concern for the fact that his actions are creating a public disturbance, while the latter looks to keep the peace, presumes INNOCENCE OVER GUILT, and is ready to de-escalate any particular encounter he engages in with the public! More American Fascism, Exposed!

Bleeding Heart Bliss: I couldn’t have said it any better. Damn right. Power trip indeed. Besides the actual drunk man walking right passed him. Messed up.

Charlene L.: smdh outta control!

Joe Lozito’s Harrowing, Yet Heroic, Serial Killer Subdual Story, Exposes NYPD As Gang of Costumed Cowards

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Amazing Serial Killer Survival Story:

My Commentary: The NYPD’s “Protect & Serve” policy doesn’t exist! Watch this video to learn of Joe Lozito’s harrowing tale!

The Incremental Militarization of the American Police Officer

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2012-06-10 - The Incremental Militarization of the American Police Officer

My CommentaryAmerican Fascism, Exposed!