Successfully Peaceful and Prosperous Anarchy Has Existed All Throughout the Humanity’s History

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I shared artwork posted to the page, “Anarchist Memes” by a fan…


"What people think Anarchy is What Anarchy really is"

“What people think Anarchy is
What Anarchy really is”

Murilo M.: I like your posts Rayn, but this is one I have to disagree with. How can you be sure? Have you ever seen a country in which anarchy worked well?

Rayn: “I am often asked if anarchy has ever existed in our world, to which I answer: almost all of your daily behavior is an anarchistic expression. How you deal with your neighbors, coworkers, fellow customers in shopping malls or grocery stores, is often determined by subtle processes of negotiation and cooperation. Social pressures, unrelated to statutory enactments, influence our behavior on crowded freeways or grocery checkout lines. If we dealt with our colleagues at work in the same coercive and threatening manner by which the state insists on dealing with us, our employment would be immediately terminated. We would soon be without friends were we to demand that they adhere to specific behavioral standards that we had mandated for their lives.

Should you come over to our home for a visit, you will not be taxed, searched, required to show a passport or driver’s license, fined, jailed, threatened, handcuffed, or prohibited from leaving. I suspect that your relationships with your friends are conducted on the same basis of mutual respect. In short, virtually all of our dealings with friends and strangers alike are grounded in practices that are peaceful, voluntary, and devoid of coercion.” – Butler Shaffer

Rayn“Until shortly before the common era, the very last 1 percent of human history, the social landscape consisted of elementary self-governing kinship units that might, occasionally, cooperate in hunting, feasting, skirmishing, trading, and peacemaking. It did not contain anything one could call a state. In other words, living in the absence of state structures has been the standard human condition.” – Yale professor, James C. Scott

Has Anarchy Ever Existed Before?
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Discussing Treatment Options for Children With Social Anxiety

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of fellow emcee, Tru Leo…

Tru Leo: kids with broken legs dont have to do PE but kids with social anxiety still have to do public speaking, isnt there a problem there? Jus sayin

NaNuk H.: Social anxiety is something that can be worked through. A broken leg won’t put the child permanently out of commission. Thus the “push” for a child with a fear of public speaking to perform, in my opinion, is a step in the right direction.

Rayn: It’s ableism in action, which is a very pervasive problem in today’s society.

I should also point out that a socially phobic child should not be pressured into speaking, as this counterproductive activity only aggravates their anxiety, while disintegrating their trust in you. Such uncompassionate efforts to “push” an anxious child into speech, when done repeatedly or demanded strongly enough, may actually trigger an even more anxious condition called “selective mutism” in such children, as they are already vulnerable, and easily triggered and traumatized by their social surroundings

NaNuk H.: Makes me wonder why it worked for me. Interesting.

Rayn: That is interesting, indeed, because not only did it fail to work for me, it exacerbated my social anxiety and induced years of panic attacks and selective mutism for me, instead. And, I know exactly why it didn’t work. Since my social phobia stems from qualitative impairments in social interactions and social communication, early efforts to pressure me into speaking, when I first entered school, simply resulted in an entire school career, including college, struggling with panic attacks and selective mutism, all throughout.

Instead of pressuring a child into speaking, I would suggest that parents and instructors encourage self-advocacy in that youth, starting with a discussion on the issue of where, how and why he or she is struggling to speak. This important, and much overlooked, step would provide the valuable input necessary for the child’s caretakers to form an individualized course of action towards improvement of the child’s speech, right along with the child. Compassion and cooperation are key, here.

And, to date, cognitive behavioral therapy still remains the best approach towards a effective and long-lasting treatment for moderate to severe social anxiety. This is to be distinguished from repeatedly pressuring or strongly demanding that a child speak, which indicates a stubborn insistence by a caretaker upon a rigid, one-track course of preconceived “solution,” even in the face of continued failure to yield any positive results from said commands or demands. If that’s what you’re saying worked for you, Nikki, and wondering why it did, you might want to ask yourself why you were anxious to speak, in the first place. This will likely help you to gain a better understanding of the dynamics and mechanisms at work in your treatment. On the other hand, you might then also want to ask yourself if you would have possibly benefited much more greatly from the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for your condition, rather than the “pressure” you received to speak during your childhood, instead.

NaNuk H.Rayn, thank you! No one ever explained any of that to me. I was thinking about what you stated in your first comment. When I used the word “push” I meant “to encourage”. The support and encouragement I received as a child helped me to overcome that fear, just enough to interact with others. In turn, experiencing my own ability ,however lacking, helped me to repeat and gain little victories. I do still deal with social anxiety, but on a very different level from when I was a child. I have to agree with you. I do believe being more informed at an earlier age would have caused me to be farther along in my quest to improve. I appreciate your willingness to explain. Thank you again.

Rayn: You’re most welcome. Thank you for engaging in this discussion, and for sharing your story, as well. Also, I agree with you that support and encouragement are definitely steps in the right direction!

Tru Leo: You guys are tha best…luv y’all…I was entertained and well informed..I appreciated you both.

NaNuk H.: Ly2 Tru Leo

State Destroys Freshly-Packaged Deer Meat Intended for the Homeless

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following captioned photo, being shared from here by the page, “Libertarian Party,” and originally posted it to my own wall… 

Health Department destroys 1,600 pounds of fresh deer meat donated to homeless shelters

Health Department destroys 1,600 pounds of fresh deer meat donated to homeless shelters

Louisiana Forces Homeless Shelter to Destroy $8,000 Worth of Deer Meat:

Louisiana’s State Health Department forced a homeless shelter to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because it was donated from a hunter organization.

KTBS-TV reports that the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission lost 1,600 pounds of venison because the state’s Health Department doesn’t recognize Hunters for the Hungry, an organization that allows hunters to donate any extra game to charity.

“We didn’t find anything wrong with it,” Rev. Henry Martin told KTBS. “It was processed correctly, it was packaged correctly.”

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My Commentary: Statists often make the false claim that charity for the homeless is simply “too rare to be reliable,” while quickly jumping to the non-sequitur logical fallacy that society then “needs” government programs to “care” for such individuals (AKA loathe, criminalize, abuse and rob them via State employees, while the public subsists on a steady diet of “out of sight, out of mind”). Yet, almost NONE of these sadly misinformed individuals have ever even been homeless – and, are just talking out of their asses on a very important, real life issue, with the hope that no one will call them out on their bluff, or that others are just as ignorant as they are! And, while these wanna-be do-gooders are busy worshiping the State, relishing in the callous, apathetic, hands-off, homeless-ignoring, false charity that comes with their dutiful payment of “taxes,” they seem to have forgotten one important fact: there IS one thing that the government HATES more than homeless and poor people, and that is: COMPETITION! The State literally NEEDS to be NEEDED by the public, or else, it risks becoming OBSOLETE! Therefore, government ALWAYS finds new and creative ways to make our legitimate efforts to help others in need into criminal activity that must be prevented at all costs. And, whether it be through de facto means, such as lining the path to REAL assistance for those in need with massive levels of bureaucratic red tape, or through outright cold-hearted bans on helping those without shelter under the guise of “safety,” the proof is always in the pudding! Never forget that “by their fruit, you WILL know them”!

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Are Natural Rights Man-Made, or Are We Born With Them?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Rights Are NOT Gifts from Government!“…

Rayn: Wake up to the amazing, liberating Truth that Self-Ownership is our BIRTHRIGHT! Yet, one cannot secure such a unique and sacred possession without first acknowledging every other Individual on Earth to hold their very own, as well! And, THIS is the ultimate PROOF of understanding!

"Rights are not gifts from government."

“Rights are not gifts from government.”

Brian K.: According to George Carlin, rights are imaginary. We made them up.

FTF Films – Imaginary Rights:

Rayn:  I’m not sure which “rights” Carlin is referring to, Brian, but you can rest assured that my Natural Right to live is NOT AT ALL imaginary, but a self-evident truth! I was born with it, just like you! Meanwhile, our natural right to Self-Ownership, which is hinged upon our liberty, along with the Non-Aggression Principle, is also self-evident and inborn! Aside from this, our natural right to the justice of a peaceful co-existence, via consensual Cooperation, is also very real and inborn, as we have lived by this Natural Law FROM OUR VERY CONCEPTION – with our lives fully depend upon its productive and reproducible results!

Here is an informative video on the topic, including a good understanding of other property rights that are derived from self-ownership, and a right to exist:

The Philosophy of Liberty:

I shared the picture above to remind others that paper documents, stone tablets and legally fictitious straw-men will NEVER be able to “grant” us what we are already born with. To believe in such dangerous superstitious nonsense is to convert our natural rights into nothing more than “privileges,” to be taken away at any time!

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