But, Without Government, Who Would Rig Public Services to Rely Upon Crony Contracts?

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Genesee Circuit Judge Joseph Farah

Genesee Circuit Judge Joseph Farah

Flint’s Mayor Says There Will be No Trash Collection Until Further Notice:

(Jiquanda JohnsonCity officials are asking residents to not sit trash out until further notice.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver’s office issued a July 30 statement announcing that the city no longer has trash service and garbage will not be picked up starting Monday.

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My Commentary: “But, without government, who would rig the contract for a crony, have her cronyism overridden by an 8-1 vote, ignore the council vote in favor of her crony, and then suspend garbage collection when a judge said they need to wait until Tuesday to figure this out?”

Legitimate Government MUST Be Consensual and Contractual

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Liberty Evolution: An interesting take on it. Most of your day is based on consensual interaction, so Voluntaryism isn’t all that far-fetched. Stay optimistic, friends.

"This is anarchy Can you imagine if your relationships were coerced?"

“This is anarchy
Can you imagine if your relationships were coerced?”

Rayn: Indeed! I often tell others that my government must be like my marriage in order to be legitimate: consensual and contractual!