The American Political Circus

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following status update here, posted by Voluntaryist, Larken Rose, and originally shared it to my own wall, along with commentary…

Larken Rose: When people believe the circus that is paraded in front of them, they are constantly complaining about how one PARTY, or one POLITICIAN, did something nasty, evil, etc. And as long as the puppeteers can keep people thinking that way–instead of seeing it as THE RULING CLASS doing evil crap–then people will keep focusing on handing the power to some OTHER party or politician. And when they get their way, they will then make excuses when their “own” politician or political party does evil crap.

The end result is that almost everyone in the country bitches about the evil crap done by the ruling class, while at the same time VOTING for it and making EXCUSES for it. Meanwhile, the ONE ruling class, with all of its puppets (“right” and “left”), is laughing at all the dumbasses who keep falling for the game.

If you are a Trump supporter today, you’re the exact same kind of pathetic dupe that was cheering for Obama back when he was the Puppet in Chief doing evil crap. And your excuses and attempted rationalizations don’t change the fact that YOU helped to further move authoritarianism along by cheering for yet another puppet. You can either continue with the delusions and psychological denial, pretending that Trump is gonna save us all, or you can stop being a total dumbass, acknowledge that he is just another puppet, and stop acting as a useful idiot for the most evil people on the planet. Your choice.

My Commentary: What up, marionette?

Exercising “Freedom of Association” in Response to Calls For Murder and Nazi Tactics

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Doublethinking About Tyranny“…

Rayn: Doublethinking about tyranny…
The irony of hypocrisy continues…

"I love how progs are always like 'I fucking hate these right-wing Nazis! I wish the government would just round them all up and kill them!'"

“I love how progs are always like ‘I fucking hate these right-wing Nazis! I wish the government would just round them all up and kill them!'”

Genaire: Check this out, Anke.

Anke M.: Cannot happen, but with so many nuts coming out if the woodwork…yeah, let’s level the playing field.

Genaire: Then you’re as bad as the nuts you’re advocating to be murdered.


Greg C.: Hehe, “round em up”…sounds like a plan. Use a big pink bus.

Rayn: Many murder-minded extremists think that their actions “level the playing field,” Anke.

Rayn: I’m under no obligation to allow anyone to promote murder of innocents and Nazi tactics on my Facebook profile. Exercise such “freedom of speech” on my wall, and I will respond by decidedly exercising my “freedom of association.” Goodbye.