Clarifying a Meme About the GOP Sabotaging Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, in 2012

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a meme being shared by an acquainted from here


"Yeah, if somebody could leak GOP emails from 2012 to show that they are also corrupt enough to rig elections... That'd be great"

“Yeah, if somebody could leak GOP
emails from 2012 to show that they
are also corrupt enough to rig elections…
That’d be great”

Daniel Sv.: That’s a bit of a mis characterization. If there were any emails leaked, you would probably see that the RNC establishment was going out of their way to sabotage Trump. They desperately wanted some establishment candidate, even Ted Cruz (who is part of the establishment, though heavily disliked for his arrogant and brusque style). Remember how they attempted to cancel the Colorado primary and award the delegates to Cruz? The reason why Trump won is that the establishment was fundamentally bankrupt. People were tired of the establishment candidates pandering to topics that had nothing to do with them (abortion, endless wars, fundamentalist Christianity, etc) while signaling tepid support for maintaining the middle class, then when getting elected to chuck those by the wayside and pocket money from Goldman Sachs while continuing on unnecessary wars. People see that the establishment is scared of an outsider candidate like Trump and it’s making them mad with glee.

Rayn: Hmm… I’m not sure if you realize, but this meme actually refers to the RNC rigging of their own primary elections through the systematic disenfranchisement of presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul in (both 2008 and) 2012.

Ron Paul: “The People’s Champ” in 2012!

Ron Paul, 2012!

Ron Paul, 2012!

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. And by no coincidence, it is also the three-year anniversary of Ron Paul’s record-breaking “Money Bomb” campaign, which took place on December 16, 2007 during his 2008 presidential bid. On this single day in history, Ron Paul received so many campaign donations from individuals, that he broke the record for the  largest single day fundraising total in U.S. history! Of course, this information was all but ignored by the mainstream media monopoly, who brought us WMDs and the War in Iraq:

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Ironically, Ben Stein Shills for Nazi-Collaborating IBM, Then Slanders Ron Paul as “Antisemitic” for Calling US “Occupiers”

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Ben Stein Calls Ron Paul “Antisemitic”:

My Commentary: Last night, actor Ben Stein, Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul, and Texas Congresswoman (D) Sheila Jackson Lee appeared as a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live Show.

As the panel began to discuss the possibility of privatizing America’s homeland security, Ben Stein made the following shocking comment:

“I’m not a stockholder of IBM, but I think you could give this job to IBM. And in about a month, they’d come up with a system where there would be little dots going off on a million people’s desks in the bureaucracy if somebody like this Nigerian guy was trying to get on an airplane.”

I was very surprised to hear Stein’s words! Why, you ask? Well, if you’ll recall, in my November 2009 post, entitled “IBM Collaborated with Nazis, Used Technology to Process Concentration-Camp-Victim Data During WWI,” I wrote the following:

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