Trump and Clinton Foundations Appear to be Glorified Money-Laundering Operations

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SCANDAL: Trump Foundation Reported Charitable Donations It Never Made:

(Karoli Kuns) In the current maelstrom of media handwringing over ‘deplorables’ and Clinton’s pneumonia, David Fahrenthold’s bombshell report for the Washington Post has fallen into third place, but it definitely should not.

According to Fahrenthold, Trump’s charity does not give any of Trump’s money. It is, instead, used as a pass-through from other people to charities. This is perfectly legal, but it belies his claim that he gives millions to charities.

Worse yet, there are five contributions to charities which the Foundation claims it sent, but which were not received. The largest contribution has already been explained — it is the $25,000 impermissible donation sent to Pam Bondi shortly after she decided not to investigate Trump University.

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My Commentary: Trump and Clinton Foundations are glorified money laundering operations.