Blessed are the Peacemakers!

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Panetta Interrupted by Chants of “No More War”:

(Jordan Fabian & Peter Schroeder) Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was interrupted by chants of “no more war” during his prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday.

The chants started raining down from sections of delegates from Oregon and Washington, both states won by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the Democratic presidential primary.

Eventually, other delegates drowned them out with chants of “USA.”

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My Commentary: ❤Blessed are the peacemakers!❤

Breathe Out Poetry!

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"Breathe in experience, breathe out poetry." - Muriel Rukeyser

“Breathe in experience, breathe out poetry.” – Muriel Rukeyser

John T.: Rayn, you’re a beautiful person and I can feel it cyberlificly… Stay bless or receive them!

RaynThank you. Much love! 🙂